Gambero Rosso Top Italian Wines Roadshow 2019

The annual Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Wines Roadshow opens its doors today to showcase and celebrate an exquisite collection of fine wines from Italy’s renowned wineries and wine estates. 

The annual show is an important international event on the calendar of the wine fraternity, trade and wine-lovers in Singapore where more than 60 illustrious Italian wineries will gather at the iconic CHJIMES Hall to present notable wines.

Several distinctively splendid wines being showcased bear the Tre Bicchieri (‘three glasses’) mark which is the worldwide-accepted benchmark award and indisputable symbol of excellence in quality. 

The Tre Bicchieri distinction is also highly regarded as the criteria for access into some of the most eminent wine monopolies on the globe.

 Steeped in a wine-producing history that dates back many centuries ago, Italy is at the forefront in mastering the art of wine-making and has long secured an international reputation for producing an array of quality wines which are highly regarded by wine connoisseurs. 

At the Gambero Rosso Top Italian Wines Roadshow’s stopover in Singapore, visitors will be feted with rows of tasting tables offering around 300 types of wines.

At the event, a total of four wine and Prosecco Masterclasses will be hosted by Mr Marco Sabellico, Gambero Rosso’s wine expert and Senior Editor-in-Chief of the authoritative Vini d’Italia Wine Guide, to lead trade visitors and wine lovers on a journey in discovering the characteristics of signature wines from 22 Italian wineries and wine estates. 

According to a Euromonitor International 2018 report, the online retailing for wine in Singapore continued to be the fastest-growing off-trade channel in 2017, with its convenience appealing to an increasingly busy and internet-savvy consumer base.
 Major online retailers entice wine players to sell on their sites by offering competitive packages, which allow players to earn higher margins. Given such a healthy business environment for wines, Singapore presents itself as a burgeoning hub for the wine business in Asia, as well as a thriving conduit for Italian wines producers, distributors, and merchants to access the region.

Since March this year, Gambero Rosso continues to travel the globe to present its annual celebration of Italy’s finest wine craftsmanship, with visits to the major capitals of the world till November 2019. Prior to the stopover in Singapore, the show had visited cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico, Dusseldorf, London, and Beijing. After the show in Singapore, the Gambero Rosso Top Italian Wines Roadshow will continue to travel around the world.
Established in 2007, Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Wines Roadshow has firmly become a strategic platform for penetrating emerging markets and grasping new business opportunities. Italian wine offerings are so rich and have a wide selection. To address this, the selections at Gambero Rosso represent a guaranteed way for promoting knowledgeable, attentive and curious developments of Italian territories. The basic framework employed comprises extremely rigid selective criteria of quality used for decades by the Vini d’Italia Wine Guide.

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