Park Royal Kitchener Spice Brasserie Teochew Porridge Buffet

Understated and heart-warming, Spice Brasserie’s newly-launched weekday dinner buffet is an ideal early-week treat to enjoy unlimited servings of traditional home-style dishes at a wallet-friendly price.
Comfort food ranks high on the list of diners seeking out delicious yet nourishing cooking that satisfies not just the stomach, but also the heart and soul. 
At Spice Brasserie, Executive Chef Kelvin Chuah serves up a Teochew Porridge Dinner Buffet (SGD29 per person) that fulfills this wish many times over, as diners are encouraged to tuck into unlimited servings of steaming white rice porridge accompanied by traditionally-cooked side dishes such as tender meat braises and savoury condiments like salted duck eggs, chicken floss and housemade Nonya Achar (spicy pickled vegetables).
Harking back to authentic Teochew fare as well as local dishes that many diners have enjoyed since childhood, the buffet serves up food that brings back memories of a simpler time. Teochew Steam Sea Bass, Steamed Minced Pork with Tang Chye and Teochew Fish Cake are dishes which immediately come to mind.
Chef Chuah’s array of claypot-style Teochew braised meats and stews include mouthwatering dishes like Braised Pork Belly with Mushroom, Pork Knuckle Stew, Soya Sauce Chicken Feet and Braised Beancurd Skin. A highlight among these is Chef Chuah’s Teochew Soya Sauce Braised Whole Duck served on a carving platter for guests to select their choicest parts.
 Other hot dishes include local favourites such as Curry Chicken, Stir-fried Long Beans with Dried Shrimp and Chye Poh Omelette, as well as a selection of crispy, deep-fried bites from Seafood Wonton and Prawn Paste Chicken Wing to Chicken Ngoh Hiang.
A dessert section of the buffet brings back some old school delights as sweet reminders of the good olde’ days. The Steamed handmade Muah Chee with Grated Peanuts is a sure winner, along with Potong Ice Cream, handmade Tau Sar Piah, Fruit Jelly and Banana Fritters.
The Teochew Porridge Buffet Dinner at Spice Brasserie is available from Monday to Wednesday (excluding Public Holidays), and is priced at SGD29 per adult and SGD15. 
From now until 31 May 2018, enjoy a special price of SGD100 nett for four adults. Call them at 6428 3160 or EMAIL for more information.
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