Even Hair Can Age?!

The title says it all. Even hair can age just like how our skin ages? Even though my daily skincare regime on my face prevents me from ageing however, I might have missed out protecting other important features such as my beloved hair.

How can I even forget about my hair?

“Like skin, hair also ages intrinsically,” says TK TrichoKare Senior Trichologist Jane Ang. She added that pigment cells also decrease with age, which slows down the production of melanin, resulting in greying hair. Lesser collagen and elastin also cause hair to become drier and more brittle. Shrinking of the hair follicles then results in thinner hair.

I was surprised when I first heard about it from TK TrichoKare, a leading trichological centre that provide expert solutions on hair and scalp problems.

TrichoKare has won numerous awards such as The Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2017 – Best Volumising Treatment For Thinning Hair, Elle Beauty 2017 - Best Treatment For Hair Loss,   Parentsworld Beauty Awards 2017 – Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment, Daily Vanity 2017 – Top 10 Trusted Hair Treatment Centre, Her World Spa Awards, Harper’s Bazaar Hair Awards & many more. Even Singapore beauty blogger such as Xiaxue, Mediacorp artistes like Jaynesh and Anand have all visited TrichoKare to get their hair problems solved.That clearly proves how effective TrichoKare can be when it comes to promoting healthy hair growth, preventing hair fall and hair loss.

I visited the Serangoon @ NEX outlet since it was pretty near to me after my work!
The Trichologist start scanning my hair and realised that there’s a lot of blockage on my pores which I thought that my hair was pretty fine. I didn’t dye my hair for like almost 2 years already!

No wonder my scalp was kinda itchy due to the humid weather and also guess what, they did a Advanced Tricho Hair Test to find out my Hair Age. Turns out my hair age is 28 years old - a good 5 years older than I really am!!! She carefully explained the problem areas: I have a greasy scalp, the sebum build up and dry flakes were clogging up some hair follicles which impedes hair growth. This is one of the reason why my hair has aged faster than it should.

As you can see from this picture, my hair was clogged up but I did not dye my hair since 2016. Furthermore, clogged follicles may also develop into active acne spots, I was lucky that I do not have any acne yet.

The consultant recommend me to do their Award Winning Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment whereby they customised the treatment based on your hair and scalp conditions. The treatment consists of High Frequency Treatment, Customised Hair Masque, Head Cushion, Oxyjet & Infrared Therapy.

The new anti-ageing hair treatment - Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment helps to fight signs of ageing hair such as thinning hair, grey hair, dryness, brittleness and lacklustre. It is specially developed to help both men and women counteract age-related changes in the density and diameter of their hair.

Using advanced formula and revolutionary technology, TrichoKare’s treatments are all customised using premium European herbs validated by certified Trichologists, which are free of harsh chemicals and proven to have medicinal benefits on the hair and scalp to promote hair growth.

I was lead to this private area and I can tell you, it was so beautiful and calm.

First, they did the High Frequency Treatment.

High-frequency scalp treatment for hair growth is a kind of hair treatment that makes use of low-current and high-frequency to stimulate hair growth. High-frequency therapy is a type of intensive hair treatment to cure dandruff, hair fall or alopecia. It was carried out by treating your hair with high-frequency infra and ultra-rays.

It is at 250,000 Hz frequency that the hollow glass electrode, is made to come in contact with the hair that generates current. There is also an ultra-ray treatment that gives rays from a distance with the help of a bulb.

It helps to revitalise your scalp, encourage the scalp to increase the rate of hair growth, prevent itchy scalp and put a stop to hair fall gradually. The experience was tickling, sensational and painless!

Next up is the Customised Hair Masque.

The Hair Masque contains natural minerals which your scalp requires on a daily basis. Feed your scalp with essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, bromine and calcium for healthy hair growth.

Another powerful effect of the Hair Masque is that it dries and removes any accumulated toxins that may be present in the scalp cells.

The Hair Masque leaves your scalp completely cleansed, refreshed, purified and infused with minerals. It helps to strengthen the cohesion of keratin fibres to improve the hair density.

1. Deeply cleanses the scalp and removes any dirt particles, impurities, and toxins.
2. Exfoliate your scalp to remove excess sebum, dead skin cells/dandruff from the scalp surface, your pores will open up again, which helps to promote new hair growth, enabling stronger, thicker, healthier hair.
3. Improves blood circulation to allows better penetration of nutrients to your scalp for optimal hair growth.
4. Moisturises and hydrates your scalp naturally.
5. Provides relief for skin disorder such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, and wrinkles.
6. Relieves itchy scalp.

Next, I went for a soothing hair wash done by one of their hair expert, which helps to nourish your hair and scalp, restore its natural pH level to prevent hair loss. They massage each and every single pressure point, trust me, you can fall asleep because it’s too good!

Blowing dry my hair was essential before proceeding to the next step.

Here comes the most exciting part of the treatment - Oxyjet Technology!!

A technology with oxygen. A high-tech oxygen modules for the perfect treatment! Intensive anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation.

OxyJet Treatment consists of 10x powerful penetration of intensive solution!

It provides 98% pure oxygen to regenerate human scalp’s living cells. It uses air pressure jets which are an infusion of pure oxygen & nutrients to "shoot" deep into the layers of your scalp. It was paired with an ampoule that was selected especially for my greasy scalp problem.

The active ingredients are able to penetrate deep into the scalp without needles, which means it is painless, safe and extremely effective!

  1. Infuse hair with proteins to improve hair growth.
  2. Accelerate scalp cell’s metabolism and smoothen the skin.
  3. Boost collagen production to promote hair growth and control hair fall.
  4. Increase the production of melanin to inhibit grey hair
  5. Help to slow down scalp ageing
  6. Ensure effective absorption of nutrients to your scalp

Recommended for people who is experiencing premature and thinning hair problems, ageing and sensitive scalp. This treatment actually felt really comfortable because you experience a cooling sensation on your scalp!

Last but not least, Infrared Therapy.

The infrared therapy helps to improve our blood circulation in your scalp by increasing oxygen flow to the hair follicles. It also helps to open up the pores and clean up your hair roots and prevent the follicles from becoming dormant!

This intensive regeneration encourages activity on the cellular level to promote hair growth and also to restore your hair to its former glory while soothing your scalp.

After my treatment, I went back to the consultation room to review the results. Here’s my before and after scalp!

You don't have to be an expert in order to be able to understand the scan results because it’s so obvious!

The results are visibly clear and remarkable – my scalp is so much cleaner after the accumulated sebum clogs were removed and the pores also opened up which helps to encourage new hair growth.

Just after a 2hrs hair treatment, the sebum buildup and grease were completely removed. I am extremely satisfied with the results! This made such a big difference to someone like me who has to constantly struggle with greasy and itchy scalp problem.

I don’t even need to wash my hair after that and even in the humid weather, I don’t feel itchy at all!

The above scalp scan images were done at year 2017 where it’s my first hair and scalp treatment with TrichoKare. As you can clearly see that the sebum build-up and dry flakes were completely removed!!!

I’m so impressed by the expert Trichologists at TrichoKare. I love how the results are so immediate! It has continued to show great results for my hair and scalp!

TrichoKare Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment let me realize that if I don’t take care of my hair, it will start to fall as it's ageing day by day. It also makes me realize that taking care of my hair is really important especially when you’re in Singapore- because it’s too HUMID!

Having seen results myself, I would strongly recommend you guys to give it a try! In celebration of TrichoKare’s Compass One and Orchardgateway outlet anniversary, they are offering an exclusive deal ONLY FOR THE FIRST 10 READERS:

Discover your Hair Age and experience the 2hrs Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment at only $39 nett including a free HairGRO Ampoule + Hair Care Kit. The Usual price is $758!!! What a good deal! Be sure to see the difference in just one session!!!

Book your appointment now: http://tk-hair.com/bg/

Thank you TrichoKare for taking care of my hair. Thumbs up to all the professional hair expert!
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