5 Instaworthy Photos in Taiwan!

To get a good Instagram-worthy photos, the most important thing is your camera angle, edit and posture. 
Here are some of the 5 insta-worthy places that I've researched and based on my experience. ;) 
1) Shilin Night Market 

Photo credits: eng.taiwan.net.tw

Shilin Night Market is one of the most bustling market in Taiwan. With those neon lights, rugged pillars and different colors, I am sure that Shilin Night Market will be good for an Instagram worthy photo! 

2) Eslite Bookstore 

Photo credits: https://c2.staticflickr.com

Eslite Bookstore is a spherical shape and it goes round and round and round. Definitely a mind-blowing Insta-worthy photo and there's a lot of places you can take. Like for example, this photo. Pretend that there's someone holding a book and that's where you capture the shot like this! 

3) Ximending

Photo Credits: https://www.rtaiwanr.com/

Located west of Taipei Main Station, Ximending was founded during Japanese colonisation era as a recreation district. One of the most popular destination for tourists, the Ximending Pedestrian Area is the centre of the district. Get to shop, eat and play all at one goal with this. Take out your 50mm F1.8 and stand at the middle of the street to take an iconic #OOTD shot! 

4) Beitou

Beitou is a mountainous district in the north of Taipei City, Taiwan. It is known for hot springs and natural green spaces. It's a really soothing ambience and environment for you to take natural and light #OOTD and also good for sightseeing. 

5) National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 

The National Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall is a national monument, landmark and tourist attraction. Look at the skyline, along with the white memorial hall and red flags at the side. I can imagine doing a handstand at the middle to commemorate this shot! 

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