My Florist of Choice—A Better Florist

Let’s face it, sending a bouquet of flowers needs perfect timing. You can’t order the flowers too early or they’ll wilt, too late and they won’t be a surprise. Sure, you can always opt for a scheduled delivery, but you might forget on the day of delivery so you risk missing the delivery or getting your signals crossed with your florist. There are endless ways it can go wrong!

Fortunately, there’s one online florist in Singapore which has made it their business to make the process of purchasing flowers fast and easy. I’m talking about A Better Florist.

Ever since they launched their responsive and streamlined online flower shop, I have been a regular buyer of their gorgeous bouquets. I like the fact that they don’t put out generic flower arrangements you can see in most flower shops today. While I get that old-timey florists like to keep a wide selection to suit all possible occasions, you do get the stylish element and flexibility from every single bouquet from A Better Florist’s curated collection. Their arrangements mixes complementary blooms like proteas, calla lilies and pastel roses so you get a colourful handcrafted bouquet ideal for any occasion, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. The blooms are attractive and varied enough not only to be appropriate, but also to add a touch of luxury to the flower arrangement.

A Better Florist also packages their flowers in a very modern and trendy style. Their signature burlap wrapping is stylish, rustic and eco-friendly. You can also request your flowers delivered with a hip and cool mason jar so the fresh cut flowers can quickly be displayed when received. The freshness of the flowers are guaranteed as they source their blooms from the nearby flower nurseries of Cameron Highlands.

Even their online shop reflect their straightforward and streamlined aesthetic. You can see all the offerings in one page and click on the thumbnails for more description. They’ve categorized their smart and thoughtful inventory according to the popular and timeless bestsellers, seasonal flowers and bundles for event-appropriate gifts as add-ons. You can also order bespoke bouquets if you want one-of-a-kind handcrafted arrangements. Their team of expert florists can customise a bouquet based on your specifications.

The icing to the cake, of course is their free shipping service. You can argue that almost every other flower shop and online florist in Singapore offers free and same-day delivery, but A Better Florist boasts speed. In fact, they’ve landed on the The Top 10 Florists in Singapore for their “lightning fast free delivery service” – as fast as 90 minutes to be exact. So you won’t get stressed wondering where those flowers are.

This is actually a perfect service for busy professionals who sometimes may or may not forget to get the perfect birthday gift for your mom, wife or girlfriend. With A Better Florist, you can avoid getting accused of being uncaring and inattentive. Just head on over to their shop, select the perfect bouquet and they’ll make sure those lovely blooms find their way to your significant other.

Their success in Singapore’s market has prompted A Better Florist to grow their operations globally. So far, Hong Kong and Dubai can already experience and enjoy their unparalleled speedy delivery and lush floral arrangements. So treat yourself to some fresh flowers to perk up a loved one or add a touch of elegance to your home. If you sign up with A Better Florist, you’ll get a special discount for your very first purchase.

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  1. Thanks for the info!! Really useful! Especially for people like me who always do last minute
    shopping and would sometimes end up not be able to get the bouquet (during important occasions). The flower bouquets all look great~ There’s always something about flowers that makes people feel good! I also came across some bouquet at at! They allow customers to choose the style they like and allow the florist to craft the bouquet to suit the occasion and recipient!

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