Knick and Knack with Expressions Collagen Jello!


Collagen comes with different form from powder, liquid, tablets and now, jelly? I am quite impressed with Expressions Jello to be honest because you can treat it like a sweet dessert after your tantalising meal! A sweet treat to end your tiring day!

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I do really love the concept. All you need to do is to take out a sachet of Expressions Jello from your bag/pocket/wallet and just slurp it like how you eat your 果冻! Each box comes with 7 sachet! 1 box is equivalent to a week's supply!  I’ve gotten two boxes so it’s two week’s supply!

Expressions Jello helps to reduce the sign of Aging, boost immune system, combat skin aging and of course to boost your metabolism to lose weight! As they are using enhanced and high quality ingredients.


Made with high bioavailable hydrolysed deep sea collagen peptides from France, Manuka Honey, Royal Jelly, Formosa Ruby Djulis extract and Vitamin C, this formula allows for skin rejuvenation, softening and repair.

Manuka Honey


Manuka Honey helps to enhance and to retain the skin moisture. It also improves skin elasticity, anti-aging and skin clearing.

Royal Jelly


Falling sick frequently? Royal Jelly helps to boost your immune system and contains beneficial probiotics. It aids in healing wound, treat osteoporosis, diabetes, and improve collagen levels for great-skin.

Formosa Ruby Djulis Extract


Research shows that Formosa Ruby Djulis extract has anti-glycation properties by inhibiting the formation of glycation products, preventing skin from ageing.  

DAY 1 - Before taking Collagen Jello

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Before I embark my route to 2 weeks of inner beauty shine and watch how Expressions Jello makes my skin glow with a touch of sweetness, I took a "before" photo and to see how can it actually improves my skin!

*DISCLAIMER: Before I continue writing, the photo was not EDITED nor TOUCHED by me or anyone else, just purely snap and upload.

As you can see from the “Before” photo, my skin was kinda saggy and I do have pimples. You can see a bit of inflammation on my face and I think that my face is swollen due to the intake of food in Singapore.

The taste of Expressions Collagen Jello is really really good. A little touch and mix of sweet and sour like a mixture of lychee and strawberry! It feels like you can add into your dessert though!

I’ve been taking it almost everyday for 2 weeks straight without fail. After my dinner or before I sleep, I will actually consume a sachet of Collagen Jello and further, I slept better than before!

DAY 14 - After taking Collagen Jello

After taking Expressions Collagen Jello for 2 weeks, my skin tends to improve! I look more refresh and younger! As you can see, my skin is more firm, soft  and smaller and you can see that there’s no more inflammation nor swollen anymore! When I look back at my “Day 1” photo, I was pretty amazed with the result and the Expressions Collagen Jello!

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How to consume Expressions Collagen Jello?

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You don’t have to add or mix anything with it, just peel, slurp and enjoy your Collagen Jello! Simple, easy as 1-2-3. You can keep it in your bag, wallet or pocket! So easy to consume!Each box comes with 7 sachet! 1 box is equivalent to a week's supply!  I’ve gotten two boxes so it’s two week’s supply! Just take one sachet every single day and VIOLA!

Want to acheive the same result as me?


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