Deliveroo Editions:Driving the company beyond delivery by redefining access to the very best food!

Deliveroo today launches Deliveroo Editions, a revolutionary platform that will enable hundreds of restaurants to reach new customers in cities around the world, without needing a high street premise.

Customers in Katong will gain access to over five leading restaurants, including Muchachos, Sacha & Sons, Blu Kouzina and Pho Stop as Deliveroo Editions brings chefs and restaurateurs to Katong, Singapore.

Deliveroo Editions gives restaurateurs the chance to launch, expand and test new innovations with delivery-only offerings, and are the result of extensive market analysis drawing on the unique data available to Deliveroo.

Using its own technology, Deliveroo can identify specific local cuisines missing in an area, identify customer demand for that missing cuisine and hand-pick restaurant brands that are most likely to appeal to customers in that area.

The roll-out will see Deliveroo provide restaurant partners with the infrastructure – including bespoke kitchens, local marketing support and fleets of riders – that allows them to launch delivery-only menus catered to local tastes.

Deliveroo Editions will also mean customers who want access to food from restaurants that have yet to open in their neighbourhood will be able to access their menus to enjoy at home – cooked by chefs employed and trained by the restaurants themselves.

Will Shu, CEO of Deliveroo says:

“Deliveroo Editions makes good on our promise to widen access to the world’s best food. By partnering with some of the top restaurants in the business – from unique independents to high-street favourites – we’re ensuring people have access to incredible food on demand.”

“By drawing on the unique technology that motors Deliveroo, we are able to identify gaps in the market and curate bespoke restaurant selections, meaning more choice for customers and the chance for our partners to scale. This is the biggest development in the market since Deliveroo first launched.”

The international roll-out comes after successful trials in the United Kingdom with leading restaurants, new food start ups and Michelin-starred restaurateurs. The trial resulted in thousands more deliveries for local riders as well as work for over 100 full-time restaurant employees.

Alongside established restaurant groups, Deliveroo Editions also works with independent restaurants and food start-ups.

With its authentic Greek cuisine the restaurant has become one of the preferred fine dining destinations in the Lion state. Blu’s full menu provides a variety of hearty, healthy and fresh experiences to your senses.

“Today we are taking the Blu Kouzina dining experience to the next level,” says owner Dennis Tsakiris. “Since opening in 2010, we have grown to become one of Singapore’s top restaurants. 

Thanks to our partnership with Deliveroo we will now take Blu to the next level and deliver our tasty Mediterranean food right to Singaporeans’ doorsteps, with haste but still living up to the strictest quality standards. Deliveroo’s user-friendly interface allows us to extend our services beyond the grounds of our establishment at Dempsey Hill. At the same time it gives Singaporeans a chance to indulge our dishes within the comfort of their home.”

Bryan Wong of Pho Stop said: “We are always looking for new ways to reach customers and have them try our food. Partnering with Deliveroo offers us that opportunity on a daily basis. With Deliveroo Editions, they take this a step further and allow us to easily make our food available in areas that were beyond our reach before. We can test the Katong market without having to invest in opening up an actual restaurant straight away, which helps us tremendously as an independent restaurant.”

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