Transform Damaged Hair to Fresh, Gorgeous Locks for Chinese New Year!

During my young, prepubescent years, it was always a constant battle between hair dye boxes. Coveting for a new hair colour every other month eventually took its toll and reduced my hair to a multi-spectrum mess of colours. It's hard to tell the difference under the naked eye, especially if your hair colour is dark. However once you start bleaching your hair, the inconsistency will start to show and it's near impossible to attain a clean, uniform hair colour anymore unless you grow out your hair (Probably every girl's worse nightmare!).

After graduating from Polytechnic last year, I ventured on to brighter and bolder colours like Blonde, Purple and Turquoise which can be quite a handful to take care of without the supervision of an expert.

Working together with Kenjo Hair Salon came at the perfect timing. As a result of multiple bleaching sessions, my once-prized locks had became irreparably damaged. 

This time, I entrusted the professionals to breathe life back into them.

1 - Consultation with my Stylist, William
Sat down for a consultation with my stylist, William, who is a Senior Stylist at Kenjo. With over 8 years of experience in his arsenal, it was reassuring that my locks were in safe hands. Here, I was introduced to the Davines line of products. Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983, the Davines group produces high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. By creating beauty sustainably, Davines encourages people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work, of the things they love. 

Only using high grade, natural ingredients and being low in ammonia helps to reduce the amount of chemicals during each treatment. This is great for people with bleached, dry hair like myself since you can achieve a fresh new hair colour without worrying about damaging your hair further. (Yay!)

2 - Taking it a Shade Lighter with Ammonia Free Bleach from Davines
To bring my hair colour a shade lighter so that my ash will show better, William used Davines' A New Colour Bleaching Powder and Cream Base. Enriched with metasilicate, it is a low-volatility, low-dust and ammonia-free bleaching powder that can lighten up to seven levels.

3 - Strengthen and Nourishing Hair with Olaplex
You may have heard of Olaplex if you frequently watch hair transformation videos by Hollywood Hair Stylist, Guy Tang. It is frequently applied on brittle and damaged hair as a bond multiplier to restore the strength, structure and integrity of hair before, during and after a hair service.

My hair used to be the consistency of a rubber band, for instance, if I were to tread them between two fingers and pulled, the strand would break apart easily. As a result, I started to see more breakage and strands left on my comb after brushing. After my visit I've seen an improvement in the condition of my hair and I must say that it's a lot healthier than before.

4 - Achieving Ash Grey-Brown Tones
You'll be pampered here, as the stylists take pride in their work. William meticulously applied a generous amount of hair dye to each section of hair before moving on to the next. It is a time-consuming process so you might want to bring something to occupy yourself for the next 6 - 7 hours.

5 - Silver Shampoo to Let the Ash Shine Through
In order to brighten the ash tones and cancel out yellow undertones, Davines' Silver Alchemic Shampoo was liberally applied on my hair. Not only so, the shampoo also contains ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Milk Proteins for intense conditioning and protecting action; Mild Sucfactants for gentle and careful cleansing of the hair and Provitamin B5 for deep moisturizing action.

6 - Restructuring Frail Hair with a Miracle Potion
Infused with keratin, the Davines Nourishing Restructuring Miracle was also used as an additional treatment to strengthen and restructure my frail hair. 

7 - All In One Milk Spray to Eliminate Hair Problems
Last but not least, a generous spritz of the Davines Oi All in One Milk treatment all over my hair completed the hair makeover. It is important to be thorough with hair treatments for bleached hair after all the chemicals it has been through! Kenjo Hair Salon treated me so well such that I've now become a proud owner of luscious hair with a new hair colour for Chinese New Year to boot.

Saying hello to an Ash Brown Balayage.

Thank you Gerald for making this hair transformation possible!

The good people at Kenjo Korean Hair Salon also wants to extend this opportunity to give your hair a makeover this new year. Simply mention <GERALD> or <PHYLICIA> and flash our Instagram profiles at the cashier in order to receive 15% off ALL hair services. Don't forget to ask for Davines hair products or Olaplex if you have frail and damaged hair like myself!

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