3 Ways to become a LEGIT FOOD CHAMPION with EhBuzz!

Do you want to share your food thoughts/pictures across the internet and at the same time, you can earn achievement and medals just by sharing? You're at the right page. 

ehbuzz.com is an authentic one-stop guide for you to know and introduce trending buzzes and outlets!

The community allows you to earn points, badges and levels today!

It was 2014, and four friends were brainstorming for places to go. They lament about how hard it is to find the best places in Singapore.

They decided to solve the problem, and a web portal ehbuzz.com was created.

The portal spans across three main areas: Gourmet, Beauty and Fashion.
Members are given the opportunity to create and curate fun, dynamic and engaging content that are authentic, genuine and real-time. 

One good thing about this is that you can sign up with your Facebook or just type in your email and password! It's pretty accessible and convenient for me so that at least I don't have to remember my password. 

So what's the layout like? 

Once you signed up/logged in, you will be able to access to this page. As you can see, there're different types of restaurants/cafes for you to choose from. The order goes by the highest rating to the lowest rating. 

I am going to click on OneTwo Kitchen as it was one of my favourite Korean restaurant! Check out my blog here: http://www.geraldpng.com/2017/01/5-ways-to-choose-best-korean-bbq-in-Singapore-OneTwo-Kitchen.html

OneTwo Kitchen

As you can see, there’s price range, distance, fans and the rating of the restaurant. Of course, there’ll be address, the value of the food, quality and service. You can add your tags for your restaurant like “korean bbq”, “korean fried chicken”, “kimchi” and many more! 

You also get to see what is buzzing in the outlet like one of the most rated dish, Korean Fried Chicken which was really really good and delectable. Their soy garlic chicken was one of the best fried chicken I ever tasted.

In this tab, you can actually find "Outlets", "Introduce Outlet", "Buzzes", "Hunters" and "Missions" 

Outlets- To find different outlet in the platform
Introduce Outlet - get to introduce an outlet on the platform 
Buzzes - to add on buzzes and attractions onto the platform
Hunters - To check out different food hunters/influencers 
Missions - there are various missions for you to clear to earn medal

1st way to become a LEGIT FOOD CHAMPION

Introduce as many outlets as you can. As you can see, you can type in the outlet title, address, price range and tags. The more interesting your food is, the more substantial and interesting your content can be. It will actually generate awareness and high interest of different hunters to buzz your outlet.

2nd way to become a LEGIT FOOD CHAMPION 

Groom your profile. For example, add in your instagram link, blog link and try to tidy up your profile so that hunters who see your profile will have a good impression of you. As you can see, I have 11 followers, level 5 and some medals. How do I get them?

3rd way to become a LEGIT FOOD CHAMPION 

Clear all those missions that are available to earn medals + exp so that you can level up faster! As you can see, there are different types of mission for you to go through like earning the title of "Influencer", "Idol", "Buzz Champion" by sharing, gaining followers and introducing different types of outlet. 

Here are some of the medals that I've gained so far. 







CHECK OUT THEIR FB PAGE! : https://www.facebook.com/ehbuzzSG/

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