Revolutionizing the Travel Industry - Launch of First Travel Chatbot in Singapore

The chatbot revolution has taken over the technology world, where you can hold a conversation with artificial intelligence programs as you would with any other contact on your phone.

 Local startup Trabble has harnessed the power of chatbots to create a chat-based travel concierge in delivering the long sought-after, hassle-free yet personalised experience for the traveller.

 Cutting through the information overload on the Internet, Trabble uses a blended approach of artificial intelligence and human agents to deliver personalised recommendations real-time 24/7 - much like speaking to a local friend. Getting directions, purchasing discounted attraction tickets, booking a ride or making restaurant reservations are just a text message away. “Every city has its own culture, history, attractions and language. Our vision is to empower travellers to be explorers by providing them access to all the local information in the format they know best,” said Jian Liang, founder of Trabble.

 Besides a full-featured app, Trabble will also reach out to travellers where they already are by rolling out its chatbots on social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger. Now you can get all your travel tips and book travel services all on your chat conversation. Next January, Trabble will roll out its chatbots to even more social media platforms including Telegram and Skype.

 With machine learning, there is huge potential for Trabble’s chatbots to become even more intelligent by studying travellers’ profiles and predicting their preferences to customise that perfect trip. Trabble aims to change the way we travel with technology – one city at a time. And the next destination is Tokyo with the newly launched beta release.

As it can be challenging navigating the language barrier in Japan, Trabble helps provides English-speaking travellers with local tips and personalized recommendations beyond the typical tourist trail. In celebration of their launch, Trabble is partnering with Scoot-Tigerair and 5footway.inn to offer an exciting giveaway where travellers can win a trip to Singapore by unlocking their personalized Trabbler Picks list based on their travel style. The contest runs from 9 to 31 December and is open to all international participants outside of Singapore, more details can be found on Trabble’s Facebook page @asktrabble.

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