KOBE, an influencer platform to earn extra income!

Are you an influencer and do have an influence in your social media space? Do you want to earn extra income by posting on your own Instagram? 
Let me introduce to you, KOBE. Kobe stands for 口碑 (word-of-mouth).

Kobe is a marketplace where businesses come on board and indicate who are their customers and we'll match suitable personas to them. 

Once you sign up with them, KOBE will study your profile and analyse based on your area of expertise and our secret sauce-technology algorithms will be able to match you with brands that they think you would like. 

Once that is done, you will be notified of campaigns as well as your payout, and then the decision whether to accept/reject a campaign will be left entirely up to you.

Once you choose to accept a campaign, you will then receive more information on the next steps on how to proceed.

As for payments, once the platform is up, they have a payment gateway where the funds will be automatically transferred to your bank account once your post goes live.

As for now, they will be making payments by bank cheques!

Just 3 simple steps to get started! 

STEP 1: Create your account and KOBE's technology will settle the rest.

STEP 2: KOBE will start matching your profile to different kinds of brand! Sit back and relax and start receiving invites and work with the brands you love! 

STEP 3: Automatically gets paid once your post goes live! :) $$$$$$$$$

Are you qualified to be part of KOBE?

1) You need to have more than 500 followers 
2) Your profile must be PUBLIC 
 3) You must have more than 50 posts on your Instagram!- This is to prove the validity of your account and to prove your an active user!! 


Interested, sign up here right now: 

1) Head over to http://www.getkobe.com

2) Click on "I am a social media user" 
3) Type in the referral code: "GERALDPNG" and fill out your particulars!
4) Wait for their email and you're done!
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