Casio’s New EXILIM EX-FR200 Captures Adventures in 360° Views

Casio Singapore has announced the launch of the EXILIM EX-FR200, the newest addition to its EXILIM FR line of freestyle action cameras, and successor to the highly popular EX-FR100 and EX-FR10 models. It is now available at licensed retailers and comes with an expansive 185° angle of view and four wide-shooting modes, broadening the scope of shooting to capture even more action.

Like its predecessors, the new EX-FR200 features an innovative wireless detachable structure, enabling users to attach the camera unit to anywhere and control it remotely to shoot high quality photos and videos on the go. The EX-FR200 excels in all types of tough outdoor conditions with its waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant design that can operate in temperatures as low as −10 C° and withstand a drop of up to 1.3 metres.

Enables all-round shooting with no blind spots
The EX-FR200 camera offers multiple perspectives for viewing a scene, providing a variety of angles through four shooting modes:

§  Dome View mode captures entire 180° views
In just a single shot, the EX-FR200 can capture the entire 180° surrounding view of a scene. The resulting image can be viewed in split perspectives using the EXILIM Album app, enabling users to relive the moment over again.

§  360° Panorama mode
Users can take stunning 360° horizontal panoramic images by simply shooting with the camera lens facing upwards.

§  208° diagonal Super Wide Angle mode
The camera automatically trims from the centre portion of the lens’s shooting range to capture 208° diagonal wide-angle images.

§  Full 360° shooting using two cameras
Users can combine two camera units to capture images with a full 360° view in horizontal and vertical directions.

New ways to browse photos and share 360° videos

With the EXILIM ALBUM smartphone app, users can view their images from multiple viewpoints. and even convert them for upload on YouTube’s 360° Video channel.

The EXILIM Album app automatically selects images and video clips in the album to generate a Highlight Timeline or video clip. The resulting images can be saved on the user’s smartphone for sharing on social media to bring the exciting experiences to others.

The smartphone app also provides a split display for Dome View and Full 360° images, automatically dividing the images into either three perspective views (photos) or two perspective views (video clips), with each image automatically corrected for distortion. The display area can be easily adjusted with a swipe to suit the orientation of the user’s smartphone for a closer and more immersive look at the images.

Enhanced hands-free shooting with the EX-FR200’s multi-camera support capabilities

The EX-FR200 camera unit and controller can be configured in different ways to suit the situation, either separated or with the lens and liquid crystal display (LCD) screen facing the same way for self-portraits, or in a camera configuration with the camera body folded.

The EX-FR200’s remote shooting capability can be further extended through its compatibility with the EX-FR100 camera which is equipped with a super-wide-angle 16 mm lens. The EX-FR200’s dual camera connectivity with the EX-FR100 enables users to simultaneously shoot the action from different perspectives, or programme the cameras to shoot at different times.

To use the two cameras with just one controller, users can combine the EX-FR200 with the EX-FR100 or with an EX-FR100CA camera body. Additionally, the EX-FR100CA can be operated from a smartphone entirely without a controller, while the EX-FR200 camera can be controlled with the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch with Android Wear™, the Casio WSD-F10, for an even greater range of remote shooting options.

Pricing and availability

The Casio EXILIM EX-FR200 comes in black and is available at the Casio Concept Store in Tampines and licensed retailers at a suggested retail price of $799.00.

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