#MagnumDoubleSG, Release the beast, dare to go double!

I am certainly on a party mode when I attended the Magnum "Release the beast, dare to go double" party a few weeks back  at Magnum Mansion and it was a really good one.

Magnum, the authority on pleasure, has launched its most indulgent ice cream yet, the Magnum Double. Inspired by the part of our personalities which seeks to make every moment of indulgence count, the Magnum Double is available in two decadent flavours –Magnum Double Chocolate and Magnum Double Peanut Butter.

The party was hosted by the audacious and versatile Yvette King.
Pleasure Seekers were challenged from the start to “be daring and go for what you want in life”. With wild projection effects wrapped around each corner of the hall, 72-13 at Mohamed Sultan was transformed into a haven for Pleasure Seekers, reflecting their extravagant moments of indulgence as they released their inner beast into the night.


Sponsored by GinTan make up, I was trying to release my half inner beast. 

Long time ago, I wanted to do a half leopard face makeup till my neck and my dream came true! 

Half of my face and featuring Maybeline Sim! 

We had a great time taking photos at the photo booth sponsored by  Elvina Farkas & Lucas Milone from Anue Studio

My first portrait shot, DAMN NICE!

Our first family photo(bloggers) WOOOOO! 


Thank you to Magnum for inviting us! 
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