3 Types of Part Time Jobs in Singapore You Shouldn't Miss!

In Singapore, finding a part time job or internship, the opportunity should not be difficult if you play by the rules. Remember that if you need a job quickly, try to source out for those who are hiring immediately instead. I must say, Singapore internship is getting tougher in the industry too.
Without much being said, let's state the 3 types of part time jobs in Singapore you shouldn't miss! 

1) Barista in any cafe

Having a part time job as a barista is one of the coolest thing ever! You get to learn different types of coffee beans and where they originated from especially when you're a coffee lover as well! You also get to learn different tricks and technique while preparing a cup of aromatic latte with the latte art. 

2)  Club Promoter

Do you like to drink and club? Be one of the club promoter and start earning your commissions when you invite your friends to the club! What I really like about club promoter is that you get to earn money and enjoy at the same time! Listening to those house, trance and EDM, it's definitely an eye-catching experience once in a lifetime but don't get drunk when you have a lot of friends buying the tickets from you. 
3) Waiter/Waitress in any dog cafe 

When I was younger, I really wanted to work in a dog cafe because I am in love with animals especially dogs! When you look at them, they'll stare at you with their puppy eyes and cuddle with you. Research shows that dogs can discern human emotions through facial expressions and prescription for a happier and healtheir life. While you're a waiter/waitress in dog cafes, you get to play with them and watch how owners actually train their own dogs. But at the same time, you'll need to clear their dumps/pees if necessary. I wouldn't mind going to that extent to clear for them because I own a dog and his name is Milo! Follow him on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/milopng
So have you found the right part time job in Singapore?

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