3 Reasons Why TheSmartLocal is my bae.

Finding out the best place to enjoy your cream cheese egg tart and the best place to take your stunning OOTD?

In fact, there is no “She lied about her past to create a perfect future. But she wasn’t expecting this…” or “20 quick-fixes to…”

Let me tell you why TheSmartLocal.com is one of the best lifestyle media platform.

     2) Creative Contents

I’ve been reading this article for quite some time after it was published on 10th May 2016. They teach you on how to take a photo like how you see people hanging on the ledge. It’s an optical illusion and depends on how you actually sees it. TheSmartLocal shows you different location to take your photos and be amazed because you can enhance your Instagram feed as well, with their guide! In fact, this is really a genius idea to do top 10 beautiful optical illusions!

      2)      Clean and neat website.

A clean and sleek website for THESMARTLOCAL that makes you feel comfortable when you enter their website. Everything is so organised.(SORRY I GOT OCD) and there are different tabs such as “Home”, “Travel”, “Things to do”, “Food”, “Beauty”, “Shopping”, “Pop”, “Reviews” and many more.

       3)      When I’m bored in Singapore, I will know what to do with the 52 Things To Do in Singapore

Singapore is just a little red dot. Of course, Singapore is so boring and we don’t even know what we are doing sometimes. However, with this guide.. It shows a different side of Singapore whereby I can do stand up paddling, watch standup comedy, go on a Singapore walk, and go for a high tea jamming! I didn’t thought of all these until this article came out 3 years back and I’ve been following the activities closely!


So what’s your favourite post in TheSmartLocal? ;)

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