Is Dazzling Cafe worth the hype?

Dazzling Cafe? A one-stop place to enjoy your Shibuya honey toast and exotic desserts. However? Is it that nice? Queuing up for hours just for toasts? 

Let's check it out. 

Spicy Seafood Tomyum Tomato Spaghetti ($22.90)

I don't think that the combination was that good because tom yum and tomato are sour. The dish was slightly sourish but overall, the presentation was good and appetizing. The noodle was a bit hard though.

Mentaiko Fries ($8.90)

Ordinary fries with mentaiko sauce. If they can change the plating or presentation, I think it'll be better as I feel that coming to an over-rated place and when you're craving for fries and this is what you get.

Mentaiko Spaghetti in Cream Sauce ($18.90)

The sauce is creamy and the spaghetti was well-done. Perhaps they can add like chicken or something so that it'll be more filling and nicer. Since I'm a mentaiko lover, obviously I love everything that goes with Mentaiko.

Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast ($19.90)

Desserts are always full of surprises. Thick whip-cream and overload hazelnut chocolate and strawberries.  One of a kind, exotic dessert but it's an instagram worthy dessert. However, I think that it's a bit too overboard and sweet.

Mango and Coconut Gelato Honey Toast ($18.90)

Ther coconut gelato is handmade by their chef. Their mango was really delectable and sweet. I feel that it's a bit overpriced. 

 15 Stamford Road, #01-85 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906   
Opening Hours: 
Monday – Sunday, 12 to 8pm  
Phone: 6384 3310  

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