Do you believe in miracles?

Do you believe in miracles?
For me I do. No matter where I am, I will always trust myself and God, delivering different chances and opportunities towards my life and goal. 

In China, is it the end of Chinese miracle or? 

In Singapore, there's an increase of number of PRCs who works in FNB because their pay is higher than Singaporeans. 

BUT,  is it true that PRCs or foreign works ENJOY working in a different environment?

Example, when you need to support your family all by yourself, you would need to get out of your hometown as it is a slow paced environment. Without much knowledge or directions, you've got nowhere to go.

Personally, if I am the one who is going to another country to work in order to support my family, I will be torn apart as I can't bear to leave them here.

It's true, there's an increase of number for foreign workers in each part of the world. China's population is decreasing as they believe working in a foreign country might earn more. 

"A lot [of people] who came out [here] to work are choosing to go back home."

Are they suffering? Are they feeling the inequality of nationality? Are they earning much? We don't know either. 

There are two sides of working in a foreign country.

  • Experiencing different cultures and build cultural awareness;
  • enhancing your CV;
  • improved communication skills or language skills;
  • building confidence and self-reliance;
  • developing independence and personality;
  • gaining new qualifications and improve professional skills;
  • learning a new language;
  • employers will be impressed with your initiative and flexibility;
  • learn new working styles and build international networks.

  • Home sickness
  • Corruption
  • People obsessed with foreigners
  • Loot
  • Racism in some parts of country

So what are your thoughts about it? 

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