Best Instagram Worthy Bingsu Desserts, Bingki Cafe

Located in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, a new Instagram-worthy place + dessert for you and your cafe hoppers to hop by! 

A whole new experience as Bingki Cafe came out with different kinds of varieties and creativity to serve and awe their customers in a different way. With more than 8 different kinds of bingsu such as Mango - $15.00, Peach - $15.00,  Melon - $18.00Red bean - $12.00Watermelon - $15.00 Injeolmi - $13.00 and Papaya - $15.00.

A cafe, run by Koreans is definitely a unique thing I ever seen. You can simply go and communicate with them if you learn Korean. 

The cafe is really white, Especially with a white grid... I REPEAT.. WHITE GRID.

Of course, before I introduce the Bingsu, we need to take a lot of pictures of ourselves because as mentioned, it's an Instagram-worthy photo. 

So.. picture time? 

 Ice Mocha ($6.00)

Compared to what I had in other Korean cafes, Bingki Cafe serves the best Ice Mocha ever. You can feel the sweetness of the chocolate syrup and the aroma of the coffee. Sometimes when you are drinking Mocha outside, you'll feel the bitterness. However, I felt comfortable while drinking their mocha. Goes pretty well with the hot weather and especially you're hitting the food coma straight right after your lunch. 

Mango Bingsu with a teddy bear on top.($15.00)

Look at that teddy bear. Look how innocent it is... 

Served with mango chunks and a mango ice cream on top, this Bingsu will make your day because when you see the bear, you can't BEAR to eat it. GET IT? HAHAHA. The mangos were relatively sweet but at the same time, try dipping the mangos onto the ice cream and then, eat it with the ice. 

My verdict: Costly but it's worth it. An Instagram worthy photo(I know I've been repeating this) but the staffs were pretty friendly and hot?(Koreans are hot anyways)

Since it's 24 hours... If your loved ones are craving for sweet stuffs or having PMS, you know what to do right? ;) Don't say I never jio you. 

Address: Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-106 Singapore 081007 
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar MRT

Tel: +65 6443 5435
Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

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