Affordable Steamboat in Chinatown!

Chao Tian Men Steamboat Restaurant, a unique steamboat in town! Chao Tian Men Steamboat Restaurant brings you authentic steamboat all the way from Chong Qing, China.

 Situated in the heart of Chinatown,

 Chao Tian Men Steamboat Restaurant serves up to 6 different types of soup bases (Hot Spicy Soup, Chong Qing Hot Spicy Soup, Chicken Soup, Mushroom Soup, Pig Bone Soup, Preserved Fish Soup, Tom Yam Soup) to suit your taste buds. 

For diners who prefer a lot spicier, you can try the Chong Qing Ma La Soup Base. The steamboat also comes with a divider if you wish to have two different soup bases. 

Diner can now enjoy steamboat buffet at an attractively competitive price of only SGD$17.80+ for lunch (1130-1600), inclusive of 60 over fresh food items. 

Start your meal with all-time favourite appetizer- Hot & Spicy Chicken (口水鸡), fried peanut, cold fungus or the Chicken Paw with pickled pepper. Some of the specialities are the handmade dumplings and the meatballs which are specially made by the chef. There are also a wide range of in-house special dipping sauces for your selections. For the sweet tooth, there are also a wide selection of dessert and snacks to select.

 The fried bun with condensed milk and Sticky Rice are one of the few that you must try!  So, for those who love legit Chinese food and are looking to have them, Chao Tian Men Steamboat Restaurant welcomes you. 

Address: 273/275 New Bridge Road Singapore 088750 
Tel: +65 6220 8812  
Nearest MRT: Chinatown MRT

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