How do I actually keep my skin healthy?

As an influencer, it’s pretty essential to take good care of your skin. Chinese New Year is around the corner (it’s pretty important to look good on any festive seasons) and I recalled my aunt always ask me: “Gerald ah, how did you take care of your skin ah or you put makeup?) 

Well, the truth hurts. I don’t really put make up but I do have a natural eye-liner. But what is the real secret behind my daily facial routine? But of course, I drank lots and lots of water. Perhaps 4 glasses a day? 

Introducing the Hue Floresta White-A-Fair family series that consist of Purifying Facial Cleanser, (Cleanse, Renew, Repair), Revitalising Treatment Essence, Intensive Whitening Treatment Mask, Day Protection Cream (SPF 30), Exfoliant(Refine, Renew, Repair), Natural Pearl Foundation and Night Repair Emulsion(Repair, Hydrate, Renew).

Purifying Facial Cleanser($40.00)

A mild and pH-balanced formula that is gentle even on sensitive skin. I do have sensitive skin and I can say that this cleanser really helps me a lot. It thoroughly removes impurities and light make-up while naturally renewing and repairing damaged skin cells with active whitening agents, giving you a fresh, clear, and youthful glow!

Direction for use: Lather on palm with water and gently massage in a circular motion with your fingertips. Rinse your face thoroughly and feel refreshed with cleaner and fairer skin.

Intensive Whitening Treatment Mask(Whiten, Firm, Hydrate) - $68.00

Before you even put on the mask, put it in the fridge for 1 hour so that it will be chilled. Then, before you sleep, pamper yourself with the mask as it helps you to rehydrate and whiten your skin. Simply apply onto cleaned face, pressing down well on the edges of the mask for 15 minutes or more. Remove the mask and do not rinse your face! Instead, lightly pat on your face with your fingertips slowly. Use twice a week to see the results! 

Day Protection Cream (SPF 30) - $60.00

When you’re under the hot sunlight, of course you’ll get tan but thanks to Hue Floresta Day Protection Cream, it helps me to protect my skin from the sunlight. This is really important because I prefer my skin to be fairer so that at least I look good on my clothes! People always say that when I’m tanner, I look like I’m pissed off. Before you head out, apply a small amount onto your cleaned face and neck every morning. Massage with an up and outward motion for an additional uplifting effect.

Revitalising Treatment Essence ($67.00)

Balance your skin with White-A-Fair’s Revitalising Treatment Essence! This is essential for balancing your skin as it receives optimum and complete with nutrient absorption. Packed with Rose water and Aloe Vera, it is the ultimate pick-me-up to revitalise and rejuvenate tired skin even at the end of the day! Simply just apply onto your cleaned face with cotton pad to look fresh all day!

Natural Pearl Foundation($98.00)

What is Natural Pearl Foundation? An ancient formula that creates a natural look. It is specially formulated with Pearl Powder. It’s an ideal solution for modern women who wants to achieve a sheer, natural radiant glow by using a foundation that does not clog or feel greasy. This foundation also acts as a natural sunblock that effectively shields against harmful UV rays and environmental pollutants. Simply spread a small amount onto your cleaned face and blend gently. If you use it daily, it will leave your skin soft and supple! 

Night Repair Emulsion White-A-Fair ($68.00)

Remember “RHR” – Repair, Hydrate, Renew

This highly concentrated night repair emulsion contains active soy probiotic derivatives and nano-peptides that effectively renew your skin overnight. It also helps to block enzymes’ reaction that creates pigmentation while activating fibroblast cells to generate collagen, elastin, and cell renewal! This emulsion is further enhanced with super hydrator to infuse moisture on a cellular level for a natural, fairer and even toned complexion! Simply apply a small amount onto your cleaned face and neck every single night and you’ll see the results in 3 nights! 

Exfoliant – Refine, Renew, Repair($55.00)

Last but not least, remember the 3 R’s – Refine,Renew,Repair

An extraordinary exfoliant that uses uniformly rounded micro-beads that gently removes dead melanin-containing cells and excess sebum deposits to reveal fresh new layers of skin. Topcopheryl and Jojoba oil works to deeply moisturise and brighten your skin at the same time to uncover your beauty beneath! Use this 2-3 times a week to remove your dead skin. You’ll notice the results by having a smooth, radiant and silky skin! PLEASE BE GENTLE IF YOU’RE USING THIS. (I’ve warned you.)

So there you have it. My top secret of having a perfect skin and maybe that’s why I won the Teenage Gorgeous Skin 2015!

Look out on my Instagram and trust me, my skin is so much smoother and fairer than before! 

MY BEFORE AND AFTER(1 month usage)

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. My one-month transformation with Hue Floresta products.


This year, Ember Hue have worked together with Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF) and EPIC Cyclists to participate in their annual fund-raising event KDF Millennium Ride 2016. While the EPIC cyclist will be cycling hard from Malaysia back to Singapore for the benefit of KDF patients, our product will be hard at work as well to nourish and protect the cyclists’ skin.  Over 70 cyclists will be participating in the KDF Millennium Ride 2016 and riding 1000km in four days!



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3.       Revitalising Treatment Essence - $67.00 (before 20%)
4.       Day Protection Cream - $60.00 (before 20%)
5.       Night Repair Emulsion - $60.00 (before 20%)
6.       Intensive Whitening Mask - $68.00 (before 20%)
7.       Natural Pearl Foundation - $98.00 (before 20%)

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