The truth of being an Influencer?

Yeah, as my title says, what's the truth? 

Being an influencer requires different types of responsibilities with different kinds of engagement and stuffs. Collaborations? Sponsorships? Yes at least there are some advantages for it. You'll be happy that you get free stuffs but think about it, are you sure about this?

The downside? If you think that everyone can be an influencer, you're wrong. 

Being an influencer requires effort and patience. For example like some of the bloggers out there, they climbed all the way during their times by taking up multiple collaborations/engagements and at least right now, they are where they are.

Being an influencer, you need to develop and plan your content by using your creativity. And if you think that once you've a blog, Instagram or Twitter, you'll get multiple and countless sponsorship, YOU'RE WRONG. 

You need to build your portfolio first by going to places that you've never been before and blog about it. You can't wait for the money to drop from the sky. Furthermore, there is no free lunch in this world anyways. 

1) You'll have to be mindful of what you're posting

Before you even post about anything, ask yourself. Are you posting something relevant to your lifestyle or just brands brands brands? Food tasting?? Beauty products? Cover events? Trust me, don't end up like a marketing tool. Only post when you mean it. 

2) Reaching different KPIs for brands. 

You'll need to reach a certain KPIs for all brands actually. When you're given a promo code, you're supposed to fulfill their certain engagement and goals like for example if they want your promo code to be use by 1,000 people, make sure you do that bro or else clients won't engage you the next time round.

3) Too much shits to handle 
Shits are everywhere in your life. But make sure that you're able to handle different circumstances and overcome it. If there's no collaboration or engagement for you, don't put your hopes up high like a F***tard and really wait for something to happen. Learn to accept it and start small. At the end of the day, it's all about waiting and waiting and waiting. Fame overnight? Forget about it.

4) Social life or Real Life

Choose one. The obsession of social media is pretty high nowadays. Can you cope? Can you maintain your real life and social life? Backlogs and overdue posts might not be a good impression for your clients. Learn to manage time by balancing your life. 

5) Gossips and Haters

Hahahaha, everyone will gossip about you if you do something wrong. It's all about your REPUTATION and wherever you go, they'll always remember. But of course, learn to manage haters and remember, don't give up the whole garden just because of a F*** up rotten flower. Learn how to accept rejections and negativity. 

I don't have the rights to comment much but these are my thoughts about it. Sorry if I offended you in anyway but thank you for reading. 

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