5 types of Pizza Lover in Singapore

Are you a pizza lover?( if you hate pizza or on diet, this post is not suitable for you.)

 Of course. So right now with Netflix, you get to chill with your friends and families just by ordering pizza and really, chill. But what is it that actually attracts people like us to eat pizza? For your info, I used to detest pizza because it's simply just a piece of dough with sauce and toppings? 

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1) Picky Pizza eaters 

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Are you the type who'll personally pick out pineapples, capsicum or sliced tomatoes? Are you the type who'll eat that slice of pizza and then just leave the pizza crust out? Sometimes, before you order your pizza, you can specially request not to add pineapple, capsicum or whatever it is for your toppings. As a pizza lover, you'll need to enjoy your pizza. 

2) #YOLO and eat 

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Who cares about diet anyway? Life is all about eating anyway. 5 pizzas? 10 pizzas? 1 slice of pizza with normal crust contains 266 calories so if you multiply by 10, it's like 2,666 calories! Good luck with running in order to lose those calories but who cares anyway? #YOLO

3) Think he/she can eat large/XL pizza by himself/herself 

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I am the type who thinks that I can finish the whole box of pizza but actually, I can only like finish two slices? It's pretty upset that when you see the leftovers and your face will be like... 

4) Pizza revolves around his/her life 

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Take selfie with pizza, sleep with pizza, hashtag #pizza #pizzaisbae, quarrel because of pizza or PMS cause of pizza, you're in deep trouble. Consult a pizza-rist. 

5) Complain King/Queen 

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When your pizza is late by a minute or even a few seconds, you'll start to complain and demand for free side or free regular pizza on your next order. It's a pretty good deal though but too bad, haters gonna hate and nobody cares about you. 

But anyway, there's a good news for all of you out there.( Available in Singapore only) 

All you need to do is when you want to order Domino's pizza, head over to www.dominos.com.sg and start ordering your Large and XL pizza because there's a 50% off promotion going on. 

What you need to do is, before you start ordering, click on "Redeem Coupons" 

Key in "TIN60A" to enjoy Domino's Large pizza at $14.90 only (U.P $29.80).
Key in "TIN60B" to enjoy Domino's Xtra Large pizza at $17.90 only (U.P $35.80).
(Nett Pricing and Free Delivery!!!) Promotion ends on 7 Feb


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