What's In My Bag?

Usually when I attend any events or hang out with my friends, I’ll always bring a backpack or a tote bag just to put my stuffs like wallet, flyers/brochures(when you walked past any MRT stations), medicated oil, notebook, phone portable charger, camera charger and an extra digital camera, just in case when my DSLR is down or something.

Most of the time, my phone will be out of battery because I am socially active on my social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes, my backpack can be a disaster because I don’t always pack my bag… so you can see there’s used bottles, tissues and etc..

As an influencer, it’s pretty hard to bring everything at once. You might as well just bring your entire home wherever you go but you know, it’s impossible.

I kept a Boruto, Naruto the movie brochure just in case when I am bored in the MRT, I can read this over and over again. I am a super big fanboy of Naruto and I’ve been watching this anime since I was 15 years old! Time flies when you’re enjoying an anime!

Of course, my daily essential stuffs like my earphone, phone charger and wallet. Even though my wallet is that fat and thick, but it is just filled up with bills and receipts. I find that having a phone charger in my bag is pretty useless because it’s not really convenient to charge your phone anywhere especially when you’re outside or in any public transport like taxis and MRT.

I always bring my Canon DSLR around with my two top favorite lens. As you can see, I have got 3 memory cards because I love taking OOTDs wherever I go. My cards are full of myself and I’m seriously just a vain pot!

I also do have a Canon S100 digital camera just in case if my DSLR battery is dead. I also use it to transfer my photos from my SD card to my phone using the Wi-Fi Transfer function.
However, I need to edit my photos after transferring them and it could be a hassle because it always get drained by all the editing, transferring and browsing through my social media platforms.

The most important thing that you’ll need in your bag is… YES. PORTABLE CHARGER.
(Psst. by the way, I’m using GP Battery F Series Powerbank to charge my phone..)

Portable charger is the most essential item of all in your bag because you need it the most when your phone is out of battery. What happens when your phone is dead and you need to make an important call to your boss/client/mum/dad?

Right? Of course, your eyes will literally roll and get to do nothing while you’re on your way home.

Sourcing for a powerbank to charge your mobile phones? GP Battery F Series Powerbank($29) might be suitable to you. The most important thing to have your very own powerbank is the design and the grip. For my current powerbank, it’s 5,000mAh capacity. It’s pretty safe as over-temperature will be cut-off when you are recharging your PowerBank and compiles with UN38.3 air transport safety standard. Durable and longer battery life when you are charging. Shields against over charging, over discharging, overheating and low temperature.

When you’re in a rush, this might be good for you. One of the capability of GP Battery F Series Powerbank is that it enables you to charge 100% faster with speedy recharging. This is absolutely convenient for me because I’m always in a rush and I will just do a 15 minutes quick charging and this really solves my problem.

Design wise? This is pretty smart. Piano-concave dual front design for curved-back and flat-back devices and it’s pocket friendly. So if you are not charging your phone anymore or you don’t like to carry a bag with you, just slide into your pocket. It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and many other USB devices. I would highly recommend this to everyone if they need a portable charger.

Check out GP Battery’s Facebook and Instagram as they are having their ongoing contest. All you need to do is just to comment one feature of F Series you think it is the most important and stand a chance to win your very own GP’s F Series PowerBank!

And of course, you can get the powerbanks from Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Newstead and Popular outlets!

Don’t say I BO JIO HOR!

Contest Period: Start on 6 November 2015 to 30 November 2015

Well, so there you have it. My very own What’s In My Bag. From cameras to power banks, maybe this is why I became an influencer and having all this gadgets are seriously important to me!

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