Sang Nila Utama saw a lion ALAMAK!

What did Sang Nila Utama saw? A lion? Tiger? Butterfly or human?
I couldn't believe myself after I watched the film. 
So who is Sang Nila Utama? Why did he saw a lion and went alamak? 
SG50 Documentary Film ‘Hunt for the Red Lion’ hopes to convince Singaporeans that our nation’s history is not dull, but a dynamic and interesting subject with various possible versions.  This 30-minute film, which is initiated by two Singaporeans Eric Ng and Elango s/o Athiramulahi Letchumana, hopes to present different interpretation of history of Singapore. The film suggests that ancient Singapore had a tradition of multi-cultural communities.  
‘Hunt for the red Lion’, produced by Oak 3 Film Pte Ltd, will explore the possible alternatives to what Sang Nila Utama could have possibly seen when he first set foot on Temasek Shores.  The film compares and contrasts the various versions of history from the Malay Annals, Chinese source materials and even Indonesian source materials.  
Eric Ng, the researcher and initiator of this film said ‘The Malay annals described the animal as a ‘Lion’ with a red body and black head. However there is no red lion anywhere in the world. One Possibility is that it was a Chinese lion dance. It fits the description of a creature dressed in red coat, its head decorated with large black balls (eyes) and long black tassles (eyebrow, eyelashes, beard and mane). 
Hopefully he didn't see a sea monster instead during that era. What are the reasons of Sang Nila Utama naming our country Singapura(Singapore)? Why did he even went to our lion city? What is his motive? Is he a intruder or a prince? Or did he went to our island and hide from his enemies? 
Are you curious too? I am curious even till now. The film debuts today and will be showcased in several public events and activities. Some showcases include a public screening of up to 150 people at National Library Board, Level 5, Imagination room from 7-8.30pm and also schools that have signed up to screen this educational and thought provoking film to their students.  
The film will be uploaded on Youtube from 15 November 2015 onwards. Singaporeans who are interested to know more about this SG50 film could like the film’s Facebook Fanpage 

Wait.. The details of the Public Screening could be found here:
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