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Sometimes, we're all busy and lazy at the same time. We do not really want to travel or step out of our office/house and this is where delivery service plays a part. 
Speaking of delivery service, I am not talking about Macdonald's or Burger King. I am talking about a full-course meal which consists of a bowl of soup, sides and mains. 

 I was searching for a delivery service on Google because I got tired of all the food nearby my office. I am pretty new to all this online delivery because I thought it's expensive and not worth it but to my surprise, it's not. I came across this website,  

You can choose different cuisine in different restaurants. 

I chose Kokomama which was located at SOTA. There are different types of varieties like japanese rice bowl, korean army baked rice, chics and chops, french delights, Italian pasta addicts and asian blackout breadbowl!

You can specifically choose your spicy level and how many pax are you expecting. 

So this is what I've ordered for 3 pax. 

You can also choose the delivery time, which increase the flexibility and it's convenient at the same time! 

 Note: Order your food on two hours before. I ordered mine around 11am and the expected delivery was around 1:30pm! 


 Clam Chowder Bread Bowl - The clam chowder was really creamy and thick. Accompanied best with the garlic bread.

Baked Rice Unagi BBQ- Definitely not to miss out this dish because the unagi goes well with the cheese. I should have ordered two portion of this.

Chickadee Chop - The chicken was a bit tough but overall, it's edible. Love the potato because maybe I am a potato lover?

Giant Sausage Agio Olio - The spaghetti was really chewy and it goes with the flow. The combination of garlic and chili padi was really good. Usually when you do delivery for pasta, the spaghetti tends to be soggy but this turns out well!

Volcano Chicken Mushroom- If you're a spicy lover, please try this. Tasted something like Bibimbap and as you can see from the name, "VOLCANO". Spicy till you drop. Overall was good as I'm not really a spicy lover. It'll be better if they can add cheese or something like that.

The meal was moderate overall. You can't expect perfect quality when you order online delivery but for this, I can say that they're already up there. You pay what you get. The portion was just right. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Don't say I bojio ah, I got extra discount code for all of you! 

They dropped me a $5 OFF coupon/promo code: 054EVNBH 

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