What can you do in Genting Highlands without a theme park?

Even though the old Genting Highlands theme park is gone, there're still some things or rather, programme that you can actually enjoy in Genting Highlands. 
Have you ever heard of, Behind-The-Scene for all facilities and attractions like Genting International Showroom? SnowWorld? New See Do Eat Workshop and Horizon 50?  Let me guide you through in this blog post. 
Genting International Showroom

Genting International Showroom where, the technical experts takes you through the management of backstage, lighting and sound control involved during a show or event. This will serve as an eye opener visit to participants who are looking forward to learn something hands-on. Who knows, you might even find your passion in this exciting field? 

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Behind-The-Scenes tour is boring without SnowWorld but.. to make it more "ICE-citing" for all hotel guests, starting in May 2015 onwards, they're adding SnowWorld into the tour list. Of course, last time when we were much younger, we usually whine and beg our parents to bring us into SnowWorld. 
The Lovers' Cave inside the snow chamber will be transformed into a science playground where we will share you the magic of snow physics!
Be amazed at the simple science experiment and have fun in the colour mixing session, where you can DIY some "rainbow snow" in this snow making workshop! We've tried mixing purple, orange and pink like mixologist! It's pretty fun and it can sustain it's shape for quite some time. 
New See Do Eat Workshop

Bento set done by Trista 

Showcasing my baker's talent. Tried to sieve the icing sugar but honestly speaking, failed..

Concentrating on my doughnut..  

TADAA! My end product. I heard someone saying that is this Masterchef? HAHAHA.
Treat yourself a sweet treat in the new See, Do & Eat Workshop where you can make delicious bento with professional chefs and create your own doughnut masterpiece like mine, with different toppings and fillings like grapes, berries, creams and many more! 
Horizon 50

Horizon 50 is the latest edition at Resorts World Genting whereby you can see history of Genting Highlands and of course, the founder.

Its venue, journey thorugh time spans over 16,000 sq feet, showcasing a glimpse of the past and current as well as great emphasis of what's to come at the Resort.

The idea of Horizon 50 was conceptualized in line with Genting's Integrated Tourism Plan where the Resort wanted to have a one-stop venue to share its history, its amazing scale of current operations and its construction of the many new and future projects with its visitors.

The venue besides being informative also offers an ambience that creates a feel of modern futuristic atmosphere complemented by the surroundings of state-of-the-art technology, portraying the group's global expansion and interest in technology.

Interested in the tour? Do head over to www.rwgenting.com to check for the latest available tour dates! 
RM 28 per pax(RM 25 for Genting Rewards Member)

So what's after a long afternoon tour? It's time for dinner right? 
What is the best food in Genting Highlands especially when it's pretty cold outside?
Hotpot? Instant Noodles? Pizza?
None of the above. It's steamboat! Yes! A do-it-yourself freshness steamboat dining that was re-invented at new Resort Seafood!
Tom yum and Kampong Chicken Soup! 
The temperature in Genting Highlands is always cold because it's on top of the mountain! Enjoy the invigorating pleasure of do-it-yourself cooking, up in the air, at the newly-revamped Resort Seafood Restaurant, with your friends and family. The spacious setting and relaxed ambience takes the steamboat experience to a new level, far and above the sweaty mood of chowing in the lowlands heat. 
No less than 20 different sauces are freshly prepared, every single day. Diners can sample and mix a variety of unique flavors from smoothly light soya sauce to the premium oyster sauce, green chilli sauce to fiery, slow-burning chilli oil!
Not only that, they also do serve Ice Cream Steamboat? Wait what?
Strawberries, grapes, jackfruits and longans accompanied with creamy and glorious serving of vanilla ice cream! Perfect for cold weather too as sometimes, while eating steamboat you might get heat up, this comes in handy. 
Resort Seafood offers set steamboat menus, from RM108 nett to RM638 nett (two to eight pax, member/non-member prices vary), and ala carte dining (priced by item)
Located at Level 1 of Resort Hotel, it operates daily for lunch from 12:00pm to 2:30pm and dinner from 6:00pm to 10:00pm

So what's next? Do you like surprises with illusions? I do love illusions!

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Asia's largest magic variety show, Superstars Of Magic 4 is into it's fourth year running, and this year's installment promises to be bigger! 
Seven world-class illusionists will weave their magic on stage, and are set to surprise and trick their audiences with their respective brands of illusion. The show will be held at Genting International Showroom from 10th July to 25th October, 8pm (Monday to Friday), 4pm and 8pm every Saturday and 4pm on every Sunday! 
Like suggested by this year's theme, Magic of the East Meets West, the seven illusionists will demonstrate to their audience a comparative view of what magic is to different people. 
First off, there's Germany's Alana Moelmann, the new generation princess of magic, as she is often called. Her illusions are so real that my eyes couldn't catch up. Alana's act includes producing life human hands out of her leather jacket. So where did the hands come from? It's MAGIC. She can produce up to six hands and endlessly produce various items from her hands too.
From Taiwan, there's Jeff Lee, an award-winning celebrity magician who performs with multiple colorful CD's, TV and modern music. He can just simply insert a few disc into his TV and take things out too. 
Ted Kim, from Korea is another show-stopper. The current FISM originally act champion holder. Ted's act is one of a kind and infuses with modern screen mapping technology and LED projector technology. He's a breath of fresh air in the field as he incorporates the latest video games such as Super Mario Brothers and many more. 
Apart from that, we have Ted's countryman, One Gun, who is among of the hottest magicians in Korea. You can hear girls yelling for him throughout the whole show. He can change his t-shirts and pants in seconds without hesitation! 
The two American illusionists in the show are Joseph Gabriel and Jay Mattoli. Joseph's show is regarded as the Godfather of Dove Magic. He can simply make doves or even ducks appear out of nowhere from his sleeves up to his handkerchief. 

Jay is a celebrity magician in his own right. He first made his mark as a finalist magician on America's Got Idol, wowing America with his sense of comedy and charm. He ultimately climbed his way to the top 10 of America's Got Talent. 

Check out his video below: 

Last but not least,  there's Shawn Farquhar from Canada, the current International Brotherhood of Magician that appeared on the Ellen Show and was one of the few magicians in the world who managed to fool Penn and Teller on their hit TV series! 

Shawn is acclaimed by his peers to be the sleight of hand artist of our time, and he proved this true when we won the FISM Close Up Championships of Magic in 2015.
Together, all seven illusionists will present a show on a scale that no one has ever seen before in Malaysia. Tickets are available now at the price of RM248(VIP), RM148(PS1) and RM98(PS2) for adults; while the show tickets for children are priced at RM98(VIP), RM68(PS1) and RM48(PS2)
Get your tickets right now. For more information, head over to www.rwgenting.com 
So these are the few things you can do when you are in Genting Highlands.
Thank you for reading! 
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