Things you can do in 313@somerset

When thinking of a place to hang out during the weekends, you’ll think of town as it is the centralised area of Singapore. Shopping especially is a national pastime for Singaporeans, and after a visit to Orchard, one of the iconic roads in Singapore. It’s easy to see why Singaporeans love to shop there.

With more than 150+ outlets in 313@somerset, it’s a definitely an eye-catching Asian mall for all Singaporeans and tourists. Some shops in 313@somerset actually caught my eye.  First, I walked into ALDO, one of the international fashion brand in Singapore.

ALDO is one of my all-time favourite shop to get my shoes as they always have new collections every month.

I really love their shoes because they are specialized in creation of high-quality fashion footwear and accessories. I feel that they’re reasonably priced and affordable. I’m really particular about shoes and I almost have got like more than 30 shoes in my mini closet.(That’s really close to a walk-in closet for shoes already!) Shoes are something that will represent you whenever you go. I’m more into fashion ­­and I’ll specifically pick out a shoe that match my hair or my clothing when I go out.

Not to mention, there’s a fall special from ALDO. 40% OFF on every second regular footwear or handbag.  So hurry and get your second regular footwear or handbag at 40%! It’s a super good deal!
313 Orchard Road

#02-40/41, 313@somerset

Singapore 238895

Opening hours: 10:00am to 11:00pm

After shopping for new kicks, it was time to shop for electronics – something which most guys like to do. Because the apple shop is too mainstream, I went straight on to SONY because their flagship store is so much bigger with more space to check out all their different gadgets.

Aside from all the gadgets, there’s also a huge screen where you can waste some time and get impressed by the stunning HD graphics which might even convert you into a fan of SONY if you aren’t already one.

Address: 313 Orchard Road, #02-28 to 37, 313@somerset
Opening hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

So after walking around for an hour, hunger strikes and you need a good place to eat good food. Trista and I were craving for something sweet, so we stopped by Cocoa Colony for a cup of nice coffee and nice cakes.

They really do have nice interior designs and props as they want to keep their heritage culture in the 1800s.

With numerous of props and design, it sure brings us back to the 1800s. A comfortable and old school ambience for everyone to enjoy their lovely cup of coffee, a good old stop by station after a long day of shopping.

Not only that, they also have a “mini” train and you can just enter, sit down and take a picture! We make good use of the props behind, with a hat and you can actually purchase!

With a wide variety of ice cream, you can choose from Strawberry, Yuzu Lemon with Lychee Sorbet which is gluten-free! It’s pretty healthy! It’s a good sweet treat for you and your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Signature sweet treat desserts/drinks such as Amazonian Liquid Gold, Cocoa 100, Cocoa 38, Cocoa 76, Cocoa Blanc 38, Cocoa Blanc Deluxe and Cocoa Bolas, it satisfy your cravings and sweet tooth by adjusting up to your sweetness level. Aren’t you curious about the numbers for each cocoa? I was thinking perhaps it’s the amount of sugar level and vanilla that was added into the cocoa beans!

Cocoa Brothers’ Signature Cake($8.50)

Trista and I ordered their Cocoa Brothers’ Signature Cake, consist of peanut butter and chocolate. Glorious and delectable. Best combination ever in the world. The texture of the cake is smooth and chewy. Both combination melts in your mouth and it feels like you’re literally eating peanut butter and chocolate. The cake is really moist at the same time, sprinkle with crushed peanuts. If you’re a peanut and chocolate lover, I highly recommend this.

Iced Cocoa Hazelnut($7.00)

Not to forget about drinks. I ordered a generous cup of Iced Cocoa Hazelnut. The moment when you sip it into your mouth, you’ll find the taste familiar. NUTELLA! Yes it’s Nutella in liquid form. Because of the combination of hazelnut and Cocoa Colony’s cocoa beans. I’m a Nutella lover so I really love this.  It’s not really sweet and milky, the feeling of this drink is that it makes you feel that all your sweet cravings has been satisfied.

Do check them out at:
313 Orchard Road, #B1-37, 313@somerset
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6509 0356
Opening Hours:
Sun – Thur: 10am to 10pm
Fri, Sat & PH: 10am to 11pm

Alright, so these are the things that you can do in 313@somerset. Even though Singapore is boring as it’s just a little red dot on the map, but if you’re a café lover or a shopper, I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself when you’re walking around 313@somerset.

Thank you for reading and see, you get to take a picture with the mascot while walking around 313@somerset.
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