Half Granny Half Black @ 99Percent Hair Studio

Why I chose to dye this? 

I actually do get a lot of questions like:

"Why you dye this hair?" "What's wrong with you?" "Who inspires you?"

Well, the reason why I chose to dye this is because I just want to be unique and since I dyed a lot of different hair colors, might as well just do it 1/2 1/2 right?

I do get a lot of stares, they'll be thinking like..

Well, I feel that my hair was well done this time round because my hair stylist put in a lot of effort in splitting the colors into two. 99Percent Hair Studio believes in quality and lives up to its name.
When I first gotten this hair, I was literally shock. My jaw literally drop because this is what I was expected. When I cover my left hair, I've got black hair. When I cover my right hair, I've got a granny hair.

I received a lot of compliments from everyone around me and I personally feel that the contrast is just right for me since I'm a BW(black white) lover.

Here's the whole process of my hair! 

Say goodbye to my blue hair. 

After 2 times of bleaching, half of my hair turns blonde and that's when my hair stylist, Danson, specifically customize my granny hair color by using various hair dyes.

So my another half of the hair is black after putting on a black dye.
Danson also dyed a bit of blue under my granny hair color to prevent my hair from turning yellow/green/blonde.(ITS REALLY THOUGHTFUL and new trick perhaps?)

TOTAL TIME TAKEN: 4 hours 30 minutes

How much is it? How much is my hair? How much? 
I used my girlfriend's code to get 10% off.
USE "TRIISSY" to get 10% off!(code only available at Katong Outlet)

So after discount, it was $209.00++ and the price is really reasonable because the color is something that I really want. 

My hair and this post is not SPONSORED.(you think very good meh?)

Do give it a try. Head over to 99Percent Hair Studio.

They've got two outlets. Katong and Haji Lane.

HAJI LANE: 40 Hajilane #01-01, Singapore 189233
 +65 63963667

KATONG: 42 East Coast RD #01-03 MODA singapore 428762
 +65 67027062


  1. Wah I thought is sponsored haha not bad lah but I still like your blue hair leh!

  2. HAHAHAHA no leh not sponsored sadly! I suddenly don't like blue hair liao!

  3. I love your hairstyle and you really look gorgeous. Who is your hair stylist? I have a fashion blog pickwriters.com and I want to take an interview with a professional artist.