Get Your Personalized Nutella Jar Today!

Do you want to get your own personalized glorious hazelnut spread jar? Yes. If you do notice, it's from Nutella and right now, at this moment, you'll get your own Nutella Jar with your name on it just like mine! 

Fresh from the successes of #YourNutella in both Europe and the Middle East, the Singapore campaign aims to get people to share their stories through the @NutellaSEA Instagram handle and #YourNutella. They want to hear stories from fans about what their name means to them, or their stories and memories of Nutella.

“For many, Nutella has been a huge part of their childhood, as they enjoyed the spread at breakfast. We recognize the role we played in their lives growing up, and thought it would be great for us to say thank you to our fans for their years of support. Everyone’s name is unique, just like our friendship with our fans and we hope that our #YourNutella campaign would convey our gratitude for their support”, shares Fabian Heymer, Brand Manager for Nutella South East Asia.

The launch event will be held at Bugis+, second level, from September 7 – 13, where fans will be able to purchase jars of Nutella at $5 and have the option of personalizing their jar at the YourNutella factory onsite. From October onwards, participating supermarkets will also carry the name label standees, with selected stores running promotional events for fans to get their own name labels.

For fans that are unable to find their names in the standees, the website will launch on Sept 14. This will allow anyone to customize their own labels and have them sent through snail mail to their address.

For those who want to contribute to the campaign, take a picture and tell your story, then tag the @NutellaSEA Instagram account with #YourNutella. 

So do check it out right now! If you want to give it as a gift, whether if it's an anniversary, birthday or anything, personalize your Nutella Jar today! 

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