No more squares on Instagram!

Are you an instagrammer and you take really nice shots? Are you those type who appreciate scenery and architecture? Its kinda irritating when you snap a perfect shot of a building or a place with yourself but yet you can't show the full proposition of the picture.

You need to use particular apps like Instasquare, Instacrop and etc. It's pretty annoying that you'll see an extra white border and it doesn't make your profile clean and neat.

Not to worry as Instagram actually did their job. So what I'm trying to say?

For instance, from the picture below;

You can see that this is a normal instagram layout, but there's a new function.  The "<>" button.  

That button allows you to expand and instead of a square, it expands back to your original photo just like this: 

From a square back to your original photo(wide) without using any apps and there's no white border or space. It's so convenient as for photo enthusiastic instagrammers will not feel obliged or disturbed when using this picture. One good thing is, THE QUALITY STAYS SHARP.

As you can see, my instagram proposition and picture is much more wider, compared to the square. My followers and I get to see more of the background. It's so much better. Like 10 times better. I don't have to save two photos while doing this process!(I get to save more memory for my phone!)

Another good thing about this feature is that it doesn't mess up your profile and stays as a square when your friends, colleagues and your followers view your profile! So you get to stay clean, neat and tidy!(OCD OVER HERE LOL)


So there you have it! A simple feature for the newly updated Instagram that allows you to change from a no-freedom square to a wide screen amazing hardcore photo. 

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Stay tuned! 

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