A fizzing trip to Jack’s Cola Café

Nestled in the east of Singapore at Paya Lebar Square, a newly refurbished mall for all young and working adults to enjoy a variety of food, leisure and entertainment. Located at the basement of the mall, Jack’s Cola Café is a trendsetter and hip environment for all ages to enjoy delightful pastries and desserts, and not to mention, COFFEE! (coffee lover over here!) 

Guess what? Jack’s Cola Café was just behind Jack’s Place, one of the most popular steak restaurant in Singapore and you’ll never know that Jack’s Cola Café was run by them!

Last week, our Teenage Gorgeous You! Social Challenge team gather together for the first time in Jack’s Cola Café. 

The settings for the lights are simply creative and innovative. It gives me a calm effect when I take a peek at the lightbulb.  An old school light setting, really suitable for the café.

I really love their seats. It represents our Singapore language, singlish. So imagine if you are going to sit there, crack a joke by saying, “Hey! Can’t you see that seat has been “Chope Already!”

This setting over here represents Jack’s Place hotplate that they usually serve when customers order their steaks. I’m a Taurus and this represents me a lot. Taurus are really patient, stubborn, persistent and independent. All this characteristics represents Jack’s Cola Café & Jack’s Place and what I personally think is that instead of moving forward, they charge forward and strive for success.

An ice cream counter for all ice cream lovers. Their ice creams are from Udders, ranging from Peanut Butter Crunch, Horlicks Balls, Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla, Dreamy Vanilla, Milky Mango, Sunny Strawberry, Classic Chocolate and Cookies & Cream.

Their café was really bright and colourful when we first stepped in. A good place to relax and read magazines, have a cup of coffee, think about your life. You get to shop, dine and chill as they are selling condiments such as coffee beans, pasta, mustards and heat-ready food when you just want to sit on the sofa and watch Netflix or something.

Currently, they are having their special promotion. “Happy Hour, All Day Long!” So any 4 bottled beers & 1 side is only at $36.00 NETT (U.P $45.40)

So if you want to chill after work by having a bottle of beer, just head over to Jack’s Cola Café @ Paya Lebar Square! 

When it comes to food, no one can ever reject them. 

So what does Jack’s Cola Café actually serve?
Cob Salad Shaker, Bangers & Mash, Prawn & Chicken Pesto, Meat Loaf with Tartar Sauce. (The New Jack’s Cheese Fondue Sampler Platter and Jack’s Best Beef Stew in Trendy Mini Casseroles are only available at Jack’s Place Restaurant. 

Cob Salad Shaker($8.00)

For starters, we had Cob Salad Shaker. Love-hate relationship for everyone when it comes to salad. Accompanied with their homemade salad dressing, it gives a combination of sweet and sour. Hard boiled eggs, dice-cubed chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and corns, it’s definitely a refreshing and healthy choice for gyms-guru or those who want to go on a healthy diet.

 Prawn & Chicken Pesto($10.00)

Next, Prawn & Chicken Pesto was served. I can say that it’s pretty similar to Aglio Olio.  This plate of glorious pasta was really a hearty lunch for me because it consists of prawns, chicken, mushrooms, capsicum, garlic, black pepper and green pepper. Our 4 major taste, sweet, sour, salty and bitter was combined together as one and I could say that this dish is really flavourful and lip smacking at the same time.  If you’re an Aglio Olio or pasta lover, I highly recommend this.

 Meat Loaf With Tartar Sauce.($5.00)

Their Meat Loaf with Tartar Sauce tastes like luncheon meat fries with tartar sauce. It’s not really common for cafes in Singapore to sell luncheon meat fries or SPAM fries at an affordable price!
Usually, luncheon meat is salty in general but when you dip into the tartar sauce, it reflects back to sweet and sour. What a perfect combination. Other than that, the luncheon meat is not oily at all. You can also eat with their salad on the side. Tartar sauce with luncheon meat always make your appetite more appealing and makes you want to have more. Even though I’m writing this today, I’m still craving for it! Gonna go back to have more!

 Bangers & Mash($10.00)

Gigantic and humongous filled with cheese sausages that goes with mashed potato with their black pepper gravy. When you first take a bite, the cheese will ooze out from the sausage into your mouth, goes pretty well with the mashed potato. Juicy, delectable and satisfying. Love sausages? This one might be the one for you.

 The New Jack’s Cheese Fondue Sampler Platter($16.00)

Most of the time, we’ve heard of chocolate fondue everyone in Singapore and all around the world. But this time round, we are not talking about FRUIT, we are talking about FOOD. Instead of chocolate fondue, it’s CHEESE FONDUE. I must admit, I’m a huge fan of cheese, I can go anything with cheese (even rice).  Consists of tempura kani, oriental fried chicken wings, battered mushrooms and crispy onion rings. I thought that the mushroom will be full of flour compared to what I eat outside but it’s literally deep fried mushroom and you can dip with hot cheese sauce that was kept warm with a small candle. The onion ring was so tantalizing that you can just keep on eating and eating. The platter is only available at Jack’s Place Restaurant. 

Jack’s Best Beef Stew in Trendy Mini Casseroles($18.00)

Beef stew and mashed potato in a mini pot? What’s the best thing about it? Even though it’s a stew that requires a long time to cook but the best part is, it’s juicy and tender. I really like how they actually display their beef stew and mashed potato and accompanied with seasonal vegetables. The beef is tantalizing, with the mashed potato that will totally melt in your mouth. For your information, this is one of Jack’s Place restaurant traditional dish.

 Char-grilled Flambé Fire Tenderloin Steak($31.50)

A live action-flame in just 3 seconds just right in front of your eyes.

(This steak is on fireee~)
A medium rare steak always does the job by satisfying each other’s taste buds. The texture is firm and chewy, and it feels succulent and flavor lingers on the palate. If you noticed, there are onions below the steak that maximize the flavor. The steak tends to use less beefy flavored meats.

If you think that this steak is pretty normal, you’re wrong. The reason why it’s on fire before you start to consume because the flame actually helps you to maintain and adjust the temperature so that the tenderness and texture is just right for customers who appreciate steaks. If the fire is too hot, the steak will start to burn on the outside before the heat transfer into the center. 

However, even after the steak was lighted up with flame, you can feel the sufficient value and taste in every bite. If you are a steak lover, I suggest this tenderloin steak. Juicer, better, stronger, faster. 


 The overall experience was really delightful and overwhelmed as we get to enjoy such a scrumptious lunch. As it goes, good food comes with great responsibility. I really love how Jack’s Cola Café actually sets its own reputation by serving western cuisine that adjusts to Singaporean’s taste buds.

I had a good laugh with all the contestants and what I noticed was each of us develops a mutual feeling and even though we’re all competitors, in the end we grow and learn as one. All of us came from different backgrounds, personality, and experience. I believe that everyone can achieve what they need to achieve in this competition. We’re all potential contestants that are willing to push all out and show everyone that, “Hey, we can do it!”

What I learnt about in this get together session is that no matter what, even if we’re food bloggers or beauty bloggers, we’re still in the same community, the same blogosphere and we’re no different from any other. When we work as one, we stand as one. Never give up and don’t ever compare. 

Thank you to Teenage Magazine, Jack’s Cola Café and Jack’s Place for such a wonderful food and accommodation!


Jack’s Cola Café @ Paya Lebar Square
60 Paya Lebar Road
#B1-15/16 Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051
Tel: +65 6431 6918
Opening hours: 11am to 10:30pm

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