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Carlsberg's new global campaign "If Carlsberg did..." is a modern take on probably one of the most iconic beer advertising campaigns in the world. The campaign aims to revitalise the clever sense of humour that the beer brand is well known for and showcases what an alternate Carlsberg universe would be like if it were as superior as Carlsberg beer. 

Inspired by the founder of Carlsberg, J.C. Jacobsen, who wanted to develop the art of making beer to the greatest possible degree of perfection, the campaign exemplifies the Semper Ardens (Latin for always burning) spirit to deliver superior experiences through a series of brand communications which will roll out throughout the year.  
“More than a brewer and entrepreneur, J C Jacobsen was a visionary. His pioneering and unconventional spirit resonates throughout this new thematic campaign,” said Jolene Yeo, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Singapore Pte Ltd. “His continued innovation has been a driving force in shaping Carlsberg today. Through this campaign, the same Semper Ardens spirit will continuously be revealed.”  
 “If Carlsberg did Buses” and “If Carlsberg did Taxis” In line with its commitment to always doing things better, Carlsberg seeks to elevate mundane scenarios into extraordinary experiences with its trademark brand of wry humour. 
To provide commuters with a welcome diversion from the monotony of their journey, Carlsberg recently launched an outdoor advertising campaign that saw the remarkable transformation of 50 taxis and 9 buses with the concept of providing draught beer in the most unconventional manner. 
The buses feature a larger-than-life bottle of Carlsberg dispensing beer to passengers as they go about their daily routines. The hyperbolic construct aims to convey “If Carlsberg did buses or taxis, they’d probably be the best in the world.”  
“If Carlsberg did Man Caves” Carlsberg and football go perfectly together, and there is no better place for the boys to catch a big game than in the comfort of a male sanctuary. 
Carlsberg will be giving fans an opportunity to nominate friends and loved ones to win the ultimate man cave makeover, and become probably the best pal in the world. As the Official Beer of the Barclay’s Premier League (BPL), Carlsberg will bring the ultimate man cave fantasies to life with “If Carlsberg did Man Caves, they’d probably be the best in the world”. 
Nominate the person whom you feel best deserves to win, and explain why, along with a photo of the room to be turned into the man cave through the brand’s official Facebook page. Additionally, Carlsberg will also be collaborating with local radio DJs to promote “If Carlsberg did Man Caves”, together with activations on digital platforms.  
  The winning room will be kitted out with a Samsung HD 55 inch Curved TV, Samsung 3D Home Entertainment System, a chiller filled with Carlsberg beer, a reclining sofa and a mystery prize worth $720. The Man Cave, valued over $10,000, offers probably the best football home viewing kit for Carlsberg fans.   

Carlsberg In-Store Consumer Promotions 
In addition, a nation-wide promotion will run throughout July and August at coffee shops, supermarkets and convenience stores, as well as pubs and bars. More fans will stand a chance to win other attractive prizes, i.e. probably the best football home viewing kit and many other prizes.   
Win Probably the Best Home Viewing Kit 
Comprising of: 
  • Samsung HD 55” Curved TV 
  • Samsung 3D Home  Entertainment System 
  • A chiller filled with Carlsberg beer
  •  A reclining sofa 
  •  Mystery prize worth $720 
Submit 3 ‘football’ bottle caps for ONE Chance in Lucky Draw valid 1 July to 31 August  (Available at all participating coffee shops and  hawker centres) 
Purchase over S$20 worth of Carlsberg products for ONE chance in Lucky Draw through SMS 1 July to 31 August  (Available at all participating supermarkets /hypermarkets) 
Purchase over S$20 worth of Carlsberg products for ONE chance in Lucky Draw through SMS 1 July to 31 August (Available at all 
participating bars and pubs)  

“If Carlsberg did…” thematic films Carlsberg reinvents everyday scenarios and turns them into superior experiences in a fantasy Carlsberg world. The campaign will see the release of a series of thematic films that captures the distinctly superior taste of Carlsberg by injecting a number of scenarios with the fun and witty humour the brand is famous for. If you have ever found yourself bored during a shopping expedition, or had your patience tested by annoying cuckoo clocks, wait till you see how Carlsberg does them better. The series of films will be broadcasted across a variety of television, cinematic and digital platforms.  
For more information on our brand promotions and updates, please visit: www.facebook.com/Carlsbergsingapore  

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