Food Hunting: Oka Sushi Bar

Food hunting time!

This time round., We wanted something that is pleasing and light at the same time. I always thought that Tanjong Pagar was full of offices, but I was wrong. 

Have you ever heard of Oka Sushi Bar? Nestled within the bustling neighbourhood of Tanjong Pagar, Japanese-inspired restaurant, or rather bar, to actually let you pop by just like this. Specialized in craft beer and with different variety of alcohol such as sake.. It's pretty portable to me. Whenever I step into Oka Sushi Bar, it feels that I'm in Japan. 

So what are we trying out? Their 6 courses tasting menu sounds pretty interesting. It falls under the category of "Omakase". So what is omakase actually?

"Omakase (お任せ o-makase?) is a Japanese phrase that means "I'll leave it to you" (from Japanese "to entrust" (任せる makaseru?))." Credits to Wikipedia.

So I'll leave it up to the chef instead of myself. 

So let's start off with the appetizer! 
First, we had Otoshi, Hawaiian Toke Maguro(tuna)

The appetizer was pretty light and it actually enhance our appetite with diced tomatoes. It's a bit sour but the combination of tuna and tomatoes gives you a mild combination and flavor. 

Assorted Sashimi

I can say that I'm a salmon sashimi lover and I used to devour up to 7 plates of it. However, the salmon sashimi served here was a bit simple and astringent. The serving portion was a bit small for two and I couldn't taste the proportion of the dish.  

California Rolls

Indeed, their California rolls are incredibly delectable. However, I still do think that they should not serve California Rolls in their "Omakase" nor 6-course meal as this dish is pretty common and customers might think that they're not paying what they get. 

Oka Steak with Red Wine Jus

Served with Edamame, sunny side egg, sweet potato puree, sauteed mushroom that goes along with their homemade Red Wine Jus, the steak was luscious and tender. I got fooled. I thought that the Red Wine Jus was just some black pepper sauce, but I was wrong. To be honest, I did not come across any Japanese restaurant or rather, sushi bar who convey and use sweet-potato puree with any Japanese steaks. The sweet potato puree was just A BIT dry but the sweet potato taste was really strong and flavorful.

Fresh Fruit Parfait with Chocolate Pound Cake

I really like the idea of putting their dessert on wine glass. It gives a high-class feeling to all customers. Really love the chocolate pound cake and the combination of the fruit parfait is really nectarous and mellow. I would recommend this to all the dessert lovers out there.

I personally feel that their presentation of food can be improved. 
Love the ambience as it really feels like a Japanese bar in Japan.
Rating: 3.2/5 

Do remember to check them out on Facebook:

They're located at: Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-108, Singapore 081007
Opening hours: 
Mon-Fri: 11:30am - 2:30pm
5:30pm - 11:00pm
Sat: 5:30pm - 11:00pm 

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