5 tips when applying for a part time job

While you're hunting for part time jobs in singapore, it's really essential to know what is right and not what is wrong. Depending on your advancement, endurance and interest, you'll actually get to enjoy while working. 

Sometimes, things tend to go wrong when you're in your new part time job and the reason is because either you didn't research properly or you are just fooling around. 

Majority of part time applicants are mostly students. Part time jobs for students are actually quite relax because you're still young and studying but still, it's a good opportunity and stepping stone for them to step on.

So, how to counter and tackle part time jobs Singapore offers? Let me tell you guys what to look out for when you're applying for a new part time job! Follow these few steps to be a successful part timer starting from today!

1. Don't be choosy!

Life is all about accepting challenges even if it's difficult. Just because you love to be lazy means you can be behind the computer all day long. NO. Try exploring and venture into other options like cashier, waiter/waitress, store assistant or even telemarketer. All this job would lead to experience and you can apply all on them in your future jobs too. For example, if you are looking for a job that requires shift duties but you are being selfish because you want to hang out with your friends, the answer is NO. What I've realized, I used to be choosy and because of this, I didn't get to expose myself out to different areas and right now, I'm lacking of experience. The most important lesson I've learnt... PRIORITIES.

2. Experience first, money later.

If you talking about money, yes. Money is really an essential subject to talk about but, without experience how far can you go? Right? Every part time job is the best training ground to enhance and nurture your skills such as communications, knowledge, leadership, speed, endurance and time management.  Just like waiter or waitress, have you ever walked that path before? Kitchen assistant? Oh boy, this is really nostalgic, back in the days when I was really innocent, yes, I'm a waiter. 100 tables? No problem. 300 pax in an event? No problem too. Yes, I've developed a skill that I'm able to handle that amount because I don't really care about the money. I worry about what are the new challenges I'm facing today or tomorrow because the only easy day was yesterday. 

3.  Plan your goals ahead

Tell yourself what do you want to achieve in your current/future job. Do you want to hit a milestone or just remain the same? For me, I will be looking forward to hit a milestone in life.  The feeling of achieving something in life makes everyone happy, don't you think so? Personally for me, I'll think of what I want to do before applying a part time job. So for example, kitchen assistant. I want to know how to peel potatoes, dice garlic, onions, cook, stew and many more because when I grow up, I really want to be a well-known chef and really know how to cook and please everyone. Furthermore, I also want to create unique dishes and make the food do the talking instead. Maybe that's why I'm a lifestyle/food blogger now. Hahaha.

4. Dress well for interview

First impression really counts. Imagine you are the boss of your own company and you're hiring part timers, and imagine one of the interviewees is wearing slippers, singlet and shorts, do you still want to hire him/her? It leaves an impression and same goes for you. Try to wear something casual when you're going for an interview. Just because it's a part time job doesn't mean that you don't have to dress up. I can still remember when I first went for an interview, I was wearing my studs, wearing shirt and berms and the boss was like.. "Hey, you come here to interview or come here to play?"

5. All about mindset

All about that mindset, bout that mindset.. Let me get this clear. Strong mindset comes with resilience and no matter what, don't give up. Just because of a rotten flower does not mean that you must give up the whole garden. Be confident but not over confident. Accept every single mistakes that you've made and learn from it. Tell yourself constantly that you can do it no matter what. Have a good positive and working attitude if you are trying to apply part time jobs in Singapore. Be positive at all times, strive for success and work hard towards your goal. 

So there you have it, 5 tips when applying for your Singapore part time jobs

I hope everyone will be successful and reach their desire goals! 

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