5 things to prepare for Internship

Yay! First day of your internship!! Get ready your ultraman/barbie doll lunch box and start eating in the pantry. But sorry, that's only for primary school or kindergarten..

If you are curious of what your internship Singapore opportunity has in store for you, you're in the right place and hopefully, you're in a right mind too.. 

Internships in Singapore is quite tedious and challenging, in terms of work load, metrics and others. But not to worry, I am here to prepare and guide you through your internship. So what to prepare before your internship starts?

1. Research your company and be early
Do your homework. Understand the company's mission, goals, vision and office hierarchy and it's crucial aspect of your internship. You also have to know what is your company about, what do they do and provide for their clients? And also, you will need to understand the fundamental values of the company. Don't be late on the first day of work.. It's really awful and leaves a bad impression to your superiors. The best way to actually counter all this measurements is.. One day before you start your internship, go to your company's website, write down all the important notes and remember them by heart. Late? No problem. Before you even start, give yourself some time to walk over or take bus to your nearest MRT Station. So example if you live in Jurong East and your internship is at Tanjong Pagar, consider the time, crowd, traffic and train delays. For example, the total travel time taken is 30 mins, and sometimes you might miss your train, so leave your house 15 minutes earlier. You can also try to take a train from Jurong East to Tanjong Pagar, take out your smartphone and on the timer. Try to see how long you can reach your company and this trick works all the time!

2. Polish your skills
Whether if you're computer savvy or not, try to get used to Microsoft Office because you NEED them almost everyday. Data-entry, preparation of powerpoint slides, send in reports using Microsoft Excel and there's so much to do and involvement of Microsoft Office. Usually for me, I'll explore the functions of all the software and research like "How to freeze the first row in Microsoft Excel" or "How to change the timing of the transition in Powerpoint" so that at least my superiors can count on me and I'm prepared to take up all assignments. Furthermore, communication is the key too. You've to know how to communicate to your boss, colleagues and sometimes, clients.  If you're an introvert, I suggest you should really try to open up and try to do the talking instead. Make sure that you make eye contact when talking to the person. Even till now, I'm still trying my best to build up my confidence level and making eye contact to whom ever I'm talking to. If I can, you can too. 

3. Prepare to dress appropriately.
It's common practice to dress for the job you want, and it's important to show your superiors that you're representing for the branding of your company in the best way. So what I am trying to say? Flip your whole wardrobe and do your research(If you realize, the most important thing is RESEARCH and from now on, Google is your best friend.). If you're having your internship for a big company, chances are while googling, you'll be able to find a few photos of the office online and be able to get a glimpse of what the employees are wearing. Be a copycat, wear what they are wearing. Go and shop for clothes from G2000 or Topshop. Don't you ever think that dressing up is like a fashion show. It's the way and image you are trying to portray yourself towards others.

4. Be realistic and motivated
How to be motivated when you have to wake up early in the morning and try to catch the train? Repeatedly tell yourself you can do it, write something on your notebook what are your goals today, what do you need to do so that when you won't be losing track and feel empty when you are on your way to work. What I usually do is that I will always write "I can do it" on my notebook and to tell myself 10 times in my mind.  Not only that, you also need to incentivize yourself. Treat yourself to your favorite coffee or tea on your way to work. Schedule something nice after work, like a dinner night out or catching a movie with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your friends. You'll also need to find your way to work so that it's easier for you in the future.

5. Treat it as like a real job. 
If you want your superiors and colleagues to take you seriously, you need to take the job seriously. To make full potential of an internship regardless of the pay, hardship and workload, they should treat their internship like their normal job. Be focus and know what to do.  As you are in an active, fast pace, real-world environment, your contributions are equally important compared to other full-time workers and you must constantly upgrade yourself and learn in order to keep up or else your mistakes might affect your other colleagues.

Singapore internship is really hard because you're restricted to different kinds of choices. But not to worry, you're here to learn and experience, not to fool around and wait for money to drop from the sky. 
I hope this post really helps you! Be motivated and fight for your success! 

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