Part Time Jobs in Singapore for Students

I was jobless for months a few years back, feeling pathetic and desperate. 

Singapore? Finding a part time job or internship Singapore
opportunity should not be difficult if you play by the rules. Remember that if you need a job quickly, try to source out for those who are hiring immediately instead.

Among thousands of selection, including Singapore internship
 jobs, are part-time job options such as event coordinator, gift wrapping and product promoters during the festive seasons. Other part-time jobs offered include working as customer service personnel, receptionists and data entry support.

So I was a student last time, of course, and whilst some of my peers were looking for their intern jobs to gain relevant working experience, I was on a serious and intense job hunting for part time positions for myself because I need the money in order to support myself. From coast to coast, north to west, Pasir Ris to Boon Lay, searching high and low for a job that is really suitable for me. 

Hunting for a job is really tough because you'll need to find a suitable theme and variation for your requirements. 
I've been through a lot of part time jobs which Singapore can really offer and it was really quite extensive, to be honest.
So if you're a student (I'm a student before so..), there are various potential part time jobs for students such as..


Becoming a waiter/waitress in a cafe recently became a trend in Singapore which all teenagers/young prefers to be. 

You'll actually find waiter and waitress jobs are a great way to earn a living, like literally quick cash and passive income, especially if you don't have a lot of job experience. Most of these jobs are simple to pick up and the cafe provides the training needed to get started. Not to worry, since you are a part timer, your schedule/timing is really flexible, depending on your shift manager on duty, which makes it the perfect job to fit in around other activities. Thus, a job as a waiter or waitress can be a lot of fun and allows you to interact with the public daily.  If you're a friendly human being, look no further, because you'll get to meet new people and help them decide what to eat. 

A retail assistant can be ranging from supermarkets, apparel, cosmetics, jewellery and many more. 

Retail assistant duties can range between the basic and the more advanced. Depends on the sales assistants, most of the time, they are more proactive about making sales, whilst others take a more passive role. Either way interpersonal skills are crucial, along with the good presentation, a generally helpful and upbeat disposition, and an enthusiasm for their retail shops. 

Personally for me, I think that being a retail assistant is really hard. Different complex tasks like training and supervising staff when you're already like a senior in the company, liaising with suppliers and ordering stock, and the most difficult part is to handle customer queries and complaints without losing your temper.


Fast food cashiers are the most tedious and challenging job ever. Most cashier jobs do not require a diploma or degree. Furthermore, you will receive training on the job itself, so don't worry!

If you want to pick up things fast and looking for a complex and challenging job, I will recommend fast food cashiers. Their daily task is to smile, take customer's order, serve the customers/consumers with the correct food orders and key in the desired amount without any mistakes. Guess what? You'll have to complete an order in 3-7 minutes time. Cashiers should keep their counters clean and might also clean dining, serving and restroom areas. Stock take for front cashier counter is really important, so that at least you're safe and sound while serving, such as napkins, paper bags and condiments. Some cashiers also help with basic food preparation and some other ad hoc duties, such as cooking fries, wipe the mirrors, windows, clear the tables, mop the floor and many more. 

 I'm experienced in this because... for me to know, for you to find out.

I really appreciate and respect part timers especially because they need to study, work, play, eat and sleep. 

Tips to get hired:

If you are going for an interview for non-professional positions, such as in a restaurant or retail store, just wear casually and smile. Be honest and sincere. It is important to be well-groomed, neat and tidy to present a clear and fresh image of yourself, but please do not overdo it with your outfit or appearance. But most important, just be nice and smile, don't be nervous, clench your fist and walk like a man/woman.

Part time job opportunities for students in Singapore are always expanding and increasing, so quickly seal and grab the chance whenever you have it! 

How to search for a part time job for students in Singapore? Basically, you can just search "part time jobs for students" or "part time jobs singapore" and I have actually attached on both words, you can click on it, viola! Easy Peasy!

Happy job hunting and I wish you the best! 

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