Resort World Genting, iLuminate, Dancer of Light and Darkness.

Recently, I got invited by Resort World Genting for a 75 minutes of iLuminate Light Show with my  two talented bloggers, Trista and Hong Peng.
So what's iLuminate? What is it? Who are they?

They are not light dancers. They are someone special who can visual the whole stage with their vision, and yes, pure darkness.

So what is so special about iLuminate?

If you have not heard, iLuminate was created by Miral Kotb based on her inspiration of fusing dance with cutting-edge technology. To achieve the vision, she had in mind dancers with trademark light-up suits that are controlled wirelessly and then the dancers take the darkened stage to perform choreographed dances and illusions, taking the audience to the next level of entertainment experience.

When I first went to Resort World Genting, I found this group of dancers familiar because I am a big fan of America Got Talent. Basically, I've watched every single episode of it.(Hardcore fan I am...)

And yes, if you guys find it familiar too, chances of them are you've come across them on TV programmes such as Channel 5. Reality TV aficionados may remember this artistic bunch from season six of America's Got Talent where they clinched the second runner-up spot and were touted as "the best new act in America".

Since then, the technology has been used in performance by some of the biggest names in the music industry such as The Black Eye Peas, Christina Aguilera and many high-end music producers.

iLuminate has been featured on shows like X Factor, Dancing with the Stars, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Good Morning America, as well as at music awards shows including the Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards.

Look how swag and hip they are. They even created props with their trademark light-up LED lights. Even the lamp post, bins and doors... It's too detailed and I really love the concept as it feels like I'm watching a 3D figurine, dancing and walking around.

With Resorts World Genting bringing iLuminate live to Malaysia, entitled 'Artistes of Light', you can see the show and experience magnificent of the 75-minute show that engages the audience through a clever combination of art, music, choreography, precisely-timed lights, and the perfect coordination of the dancers. It additionally joins an alternate level of move styles and highlights an assorted musical score running from hip hop and funk to classical music. With a fresh, new approach that takes dance performances to an entire new level, this engrossing and fascinating show is certain to attract and speak to all ages.

Photo credits to Resort World Genting

This show is exclusively brought to you by Resorts World Genting in conjunction with Genting's 50th Anniversary celebrations daily from 8:30pm at the Genting International Showroom.

Tickets are priced for adults.
1) RM 198 (SGD 73) for VIP
2) RM 138 (SGD 51) for PS1
3) RM 88 ( SGD 32) for PS2 

Child tickets are on sale at RM 98 (SGD 36) for VIP, RM 68 (SGD 25) for PS1 and RM 48 (SGD 17) for PS2. 

There will also be a 20% promotion for Genting Rewards members. Discount is application to all price. 

For more information, head over to or call them at 03-2718-1118 for enquiries.

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