Where got time to manage your social media platforms?

I've been really busy with my schedule and almost everyday, I'm packed and I could hardly even breathe. If you think about it, how do I actually manage my social media platforms?
 Sometimes, you wish you'll hire people to post updates for your social media platform and when you take a peek into your wallet, you'll be like, nah it's good.

Thanks to ThoughtBuzz, I've managed to achieve what I needed to do.

So what's with this ThoughtBuzz? A bee having its deep thoughts? Well, I was just joking about that. 

Let me tell you about ThoughtBuzz.

ThoughtBuzz was established in 2008 to provide organisations with actionable insights, through big data and business analytics. Headquartered in Singapore, ThoughtBuzz has a network of offices in India, Manila, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, providing leading technology and methodology for businesses worldwide. We serve clients raging from small enterprises to government bodies, from risk management to marketing management.

So what does ThoughtBuzz actually provides? Solutions of course.

Monitoring and Analytics Solutions:
- Full Spectrum Analysis
-Social Intelligence Matrix
-Persona Analysis
-Social Audit
-Content Analysis
-Social Media Lead Generation

ThoughtBuzz actually provides a single view dashboard where you can see and compare fan growth, engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube simultaneously. You can use this to understand which social platform is working best for which campaigns.

You can sign in with Facebook/Twitter/Google+

How convenient is it nowadays when last time we used to log in through emails and stuffs... Everything is connected because technology is advancing day by day.
So once you log in to ThoughtBuzz, you will see this page.

ThoughtBuzz allows you to:

1. Reply, Engage your fans and Schedule your post with a single click

Scheduling of your post, so be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can even schedule a timing to post pictures of yourself every single day.

2. Import your followers and fans from social media platforms.
Engagement of your top fans. Truly effective and trustworthy.

3. Analytics of your Social Media Platform
You get to keep track of your analytics, your average likes per post, your interaction rates and keeping track is really good because you will know when to post, when not to post. As you can see, only saturday for me is really more active because weekends.... THANK GOD FOR CREATING WEEKENDS!

You can even manage your own social profiles like Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and your public pages. 

It also allows you to identify who engage you the most among all your followers and fans. Mobile-friendly and responsive too! 

Even when you're in the MRT, you can use it to manage your social profiles and see what's trending or your analytics. Maybe you can even see if it's the good time to post your photos or update your status on your social media assets.

I can control my social media assets at one goal. It's just like a packet of 3-in-1 milo, everything all in. 

My verdict
Even though my brain is overloaded but I think that this is really suitable to those people who doesn't have the time to maintain or manage their social media platforms. I truly believe that your own social media platform is your own personal life because one day who knows, technology might even take over humans. 

After using ThoughtBuzz for a week,  I realize that the efficiency and maintenance is there, and I realize that I've been losing out in the blogging and social media scene. I find that the key to a blogger and a active social media person is that you need to be more active, responsible and discipline so that you know what are you doing, that's where ThoughtBuzz comes in.

Thank you ThoughtBuzz for creating such a wonderful and flawless application and bonus point: Mobile-Responsive and friendly.

Kudos to the team for making this perfect management tool.

Pricing and Features:

Ranging from SGD 0 to SGD 160, it's cheaper and more affordable!  I will absolutely sign up for the Enterprise package since most of the time, I'll be using my social media platform as a influencer. HAHAHA. 

Do remember to like their Facebook at ThoughtBuzz and stay tuned for more!

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