Chinese New Year 2015 Recipes with Nespresso

Coffee recipe for Chinese New Year? Never heard of it before but thanks to William and Nespresso Singapore for inviting me and T down to experience Chinese new year recipes with Nespresso.
So what do I mean by Coffee Recipe For Chinese New Year? Unique combination of coffee and ingredients from pumpkin to coconut to create a dazzling cup of gourmet coffee.

Famous for his delicious, innovative and experimental cuisine, Alvin Leung - aka the ‘Demon Chef’ - is the celebrated chef at the helm of Michelin-starred restaurant Bo Innovation. His ‘extreme Chinese Cuisine’ has been praised as an art form by critics and made him a perfect partner for Nespresso on this special Chinese New Year collaboration. The coffee recipes are designed to excite, surprise and delight Club Members, which use different Nespresso Grands Crus from the full range of twenty two. The recipes are inspired by the palettes and preferences of Club Members across the Asia Pacific region and use ingredients from coconut to pumpkin to create exquisite moments of pure Nespresso pleasure!

I am going to share the top 3 coffee recipes that I love the most. I'm sure it'll seep through your lips. 

CNY Candy Box Affogato
Coconut ice cream, raspberry puree, whipped cream and pumpkin seeds combine in this surprising and sumptuous update to the Italian classic of affogato – coffee poured over ice cream. The subtle acidity and red fruit notes of Nespresso’s delectable Rosabaya de Colombia Grand Cru is the perfect foil to the sweet richness of Leung’s candy box creation! 
Salty Peanut Caramel With Taro, Coffee Milkshake  
Rich and intense Ristretto is here mixed with nutty, Taro ice cream and sweet-butsalty peanut butter. A wickedly rich treat to tantalise the tastebuds! I'm really a big fan of peanut butter and I used to hide under my bed with a jar of peanut butter and just... eat it like this. (time flies..)
Almond Flavoured Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly with 
NEW Decaf Arpeggio 
 A totally fresh take on a Hong Kong classic of coffee mixed with milk tea! Here, Leung has updated this local favourite to make an indulgent – and decaffeinated – Nespresso infused treat! The cocoa notes of the rich and full bodied NEW Decaf Arpeggio Grand Cru mingle with thick, sweet caramel, whipped cream, English tea and almond flakes for a heavenly east-meets-west modern classic! I'm not really a fan of almond but i might change my mind because of this. HAHAHAHA.
Once again, I'm really happy that I can finally make my own coffee at home with this new chinese new year recipes and I'm sure that my family members will enjoy it!

Really happy to make my own coffee because from now on, I'm a barista for Nespresso. JUST KIDDING!

Look forward to tasting the Facebook fan-favourite Chinese New Year inspired coffee recipe at the Nespresso Boutiques (ION Orchard #01-14 and Takashimaya D.S. B1) on 14-15 Feb 2014, 12-9pm or while stocks last. What’s more, one lucky winner from the voters of the most popular coffee recipe will take home the Nespresso coffee experience this Chinese New Year worth almost $500. 
For more information, check out their Facebook and or their website today!
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