What to achieve in 2015?

Wondering what's gonna be your new year resolution in 2015? 
Actually, I'm not the type that create a list of what I'm gonna do at the end of the year but as day goes by, I'm getting older and I really want to achieve something that because it's pretty new to me and I find it challenging, here we go! 
1) Save money, for the future or rainy days

I regret for not saving enough money and I always scrimp and save, chionging to all sorts of big mega sales. My eyes are full of 15%, 50%, 75% or maybe even 90%

For me, I started saving money a few months back by not tempting myself to buy clothes and eat expensive food because I can actually survive for a month with extra pocket money. 

Tips to save money (my own way)

*You'll need to create another POSB/OCBC/UOB savings account in order to do this.

So when you get your pay, so be it if you're a working adult or a part timer, deposit all your money into your savings. Remember to break it down into four parts.

1) Calculate your MRT fare and the distance from Station A to Station B
2) Top-up $100 for your EZ Link card so that you won't have to top up all the time.
3) Calculate how much you're gonna spend for a day. For me, minimum $5, maximum $15 (it works!)
4) Don't touch the remaining amount unless you really need it. Control your temptation. Don't let it get over you and you'll start spending and waste all your money on useless stuff. 

So for example, if let's say you spend $10 per day. Take $10 x 30 days = $300/mth
I know it's very hard for us to spend $10 per day in Singapore because everything is increasing...
Food, Clothes, Taxi, Bus, MRT, ERP, Petrol, Rental or whatever is it.

Let me show you a mini guide of how am I going to fully utilize the $10.00

Morning: Breakfast is a MUST but I only spend like $2.50? 
- $1 for food
-$1.50 for Coffee

Afternoon: TIME FOR LUNCH! Economical Mixed Vegetable Rice and a drink that cost me $3.70

Night : Dinner time! Usually I'll eat at home or I'll go out to food court to eat. A bowl of ban mian that cost me $3.50. If you're thirsty, bring along a water bottle and remember to fill it up!

$2.50 + $3.70 + $3.50 = $9.70!!!!!!!!

You only spend $9.70 per day and you get to save $0.30( i know it's not much but it's still money)

So if you deduct $300 from your gross salary, you'll still have enough for your bills, debts, rental or other things that you need to pay.

Set aside around $500 everytime when you get your pay. 

REMEMBER, do not spend money on stuffs that you will not use in the future, stop spending so much on cafes or branded clothes if you really want this to work. I know sometimes you'll get tempted by all sorts of stuff but remember to control and think of your future. Use your money wisely.

Let's move on to the next one!

2) Losing weight to look perfect and flawless and fit into S-size clothings

It's really hard nowadays unless you got the time to gym and eat clean every single day. 
In order to maintain your figure, you'll really need to exercise regularly, maybe 2-3 times in a week?

Nah not like this.........

I don't really want a muscular body because I'm afraid that I can't fit into those clothes that I really love. 

Let me share with you how I lose weight last time because I was really fat and chubby back then.

I do exercise regularly, every single day. I just fork out 30 minutes of my time just to do sit up, push up, mountain climber, weight lifting, jumping jack and planking. 

5 minutes of Sit-up
6 minutes of Push-up
6 minutes of Mountain Climber
6 minutes of Weight Lifting(10kg dumbbells)
6 minutes of Jumping Jack
1 minutes of Planking

You need to rest in between unless you're not a human. :p

Be careful of what you drink and eat
Not by skipping meals, but you can try eating a small portion and I avoid carbohydrates like rice, pasta, bread and I take protein such as chicken, lean meat and eat more vegetables! I'm a big lover of Ayataka and Oolong tea because it helps me to digest and increase my metabolism after every meal. If you don't like tea, drink more water because there's zero calories and it helps to flush out excess water weights and if you find it too boring just because it's plain water, add lemon wedges. I don't really take gassy or sweet drinks like coke, pepsi or etc. Say NO to beers and alcohol because you'll get a beer belly which I hate it. 

Sleep and wake up early
By doing that, actually it helps you to feel better and you won't feel lethargic and lazy the next day. 7 or 8 hours of restful sleep helps to increase your metabolism too! You won't have any excuse to skip breakfast since you're sleeping early every single day because breakfast is the most essential and important meal of your life. 

3) Family and friends

Why is it important to spend more time with family and friends? Being sociable helps to increase your happiness and you can share your unhappiness and thoughts with them because they'll be the one cheering you up(or you can do the same if someone approaches you) and no matter what, they'll always be there for
you. Kudos to everyone's family and friends! 

Who are the ones who always support you and got your back every time? Who are the ones who brought you happiness in your life? Who are the ones who always take care of you when you're hungry/sick/tired? Who are the ones who always listen to you even when they're stress and tired themselves? 

Learn to differentiate. Why not just spend some time, go back home and spend quality time with your family? Learn to love them like how they love you now or previously. Have you ever thought of them? When they need you the most, where were you? Who's the one who help you to change your diapers when you were still a baby?

"If you can make a change, why not?" 

People may say, easy come, easy go. It's the same for friends but mix with the right company, make friends that you're comfortable with. Make friends that can give you inspiration and influence you to a better person. 

So there you have it, here's my three things to achieve in 2015.

Be happy that you are still alive, because you still got a long way to go! 

Happy 2015 to everyone! Hope it'll be a better year for you. 

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