[Review] Get on "trek" with Osim uTrek

I always wonder how to get more toned by staying at home and not going out to jog or walk because I'm lazy and I'm starting to think since my dad doesn't work out much, why not get him a uTrek instead so that he can work out and become more fit. 
In either way, I can also use it because I'm not exercising as well. That explains why I'm getting chubbier.

But not to worry because right now, I have the Osim uTrek and I can get back on track. 

So what are the benefits of having a uTrek?
It's a mini trek-mill that helps you to utilise and maximise the trek-mill and to burn all the unwanted fats, as the picture shown below.

That's right, you can get to trek anytime and anywhere in your house. Be it your bathroom, storeroom, toilet, bedroom, living room, kitchen or even your balcony! Bad weather? This is the part where it comes in handy, just trek while looking at the weather makes you feel better! (cold and warm at the same time!)

1) Mood increment and more alert
Just like doing your daily routines, exercising helps you to actually improve on your mood and feel energize. People tend to be weary when they wake up early but they actually slept early last night! Therefore if you use it regularly, you can help yourself by improving your self-esteem. Honestly speaking, I feel better and more alert after trekking for 15 minutes.

2)Improves Cardiovascular Fitness
Cardio work out helps to keeps your blood flowing smoothly and what are the advantages of improving cardiovascular fitness? It helps you to increase your metabolism. Higher metabolism in your body means that it's easier to maintain and lose weight. 

3)Get your calories burning
By trekking with uTrek, you can actually burn more calories because of the incline angle. It is delivering what it is designed to deliver. My legs feel sore after trekking and it's worth it! It definitely helps you to boost up your metabolism that helps to burn fat even after trekking for 15 mins or so and trust me, you'll feel the difference after trekking on uTrek for 15 minutes. 

4)Improves bone density
Trekking is a form of cardio and weight bearing exercise. It helps you to vitalize your muscles and bone and prevent you from diseases such as osteoporosis. If your bone is not strong enough, think about it, do you want to fall and break your bones or make it stronger by trekking on uTrek?

5)Intensify the strength
It helps to toughen your back and by doing so, it helps to decrease the chances of having back pain which I always complain to everyone(guess i'm getting old). It also helps you to keep your body upright so that you can get rid of slouching! I always have a habit of slouching and I guess that inevitable. But with uTrek, I actually didn't slouch that much. Slouching is not cool..

6)Decreases disease risk
uTrek helps to lessen the rate of disease risk such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes. It also helps to enhance the management of joint and muscular pain, and stiffness. So if you guys are experiencing any stiffness or muscle pain and really want to be fit and healthy, consider getting a uTrek and start trekking at home! Highly recommended for elderly and young adults. 

7) Tone your 3-in-1 : Tummy, Butt and Legs
To increase your self-esteem and confidence, uTrek also helps to strengthen your thighs, calves and lifts your glutes (butt muscles) so that you'll look firm and fitter in every ways. Toning your abs actually helps you to look better and fit into clothes that are small, and you'll look more lean and this is the best timing because Chinese New Year is coming! (YAY!) Are you dreaming of your lean and toned body? Wondering how can you get your dream figure? You got your answer here and thank me later! 

8) Low-impact exercise
Decrease the chances of injury or strains to your knees, hips and back. the likelihood of injury or strains. You don't have to be an expert in trekking to do so. It also helps to minimize heel-strike impact so that you won't get any pain like heel pain, various knee pains and shin splints.  Examples of low impact exercise includes swimming or riding your bicycle at East Coast Park.
uTrek is like a all-in-one fundamental and it includes everything and you don't have to stress out by doing various fitness activities. 

Below shows a image of the amount of energy that's being burned on the Osim uTrek in comparison to common selected Sports and Daily Activities 

uTrek consists of different types of level as shown below.

I didn't know uTrek can be that useful and I don't have to do my daily routines anymore. 
Actually, I also didn't know mopping the floor, washing and waxing your car, gardening, doing your laundry and light housework can helps you to lose weight and keep in shape. 

I've decided to let my father to get back on his track with uTrek because for the past few months, he complained about back pain, stiffness, knee pain and I realized that he's getting old day by day. I want to prevent him from all sorts of disease such as osteoporosis, stroke or heart disease. 

Finally he's getting back on track.

Milo wanted to try the trek but he decided to wait for his turn. 

After 15 minutes of trekking, my dad was really panting and sweating like mad, he can really feel the burn and the sore on his calves and thighs. He feels that it's suitable for older people and working adults because he understands that in this generation, most of us don't really have the time to exercise or even get fit.  He can feel his every single inch of muscles and bones are getting enhanced and pumped up. A perfect equipment for everyone and I hope my dad can really pick up the pace and exercise more. 

I believe in this phrase, "Train insane or remain the same.

My sister decided to hop on to the uTrek and test out her capabilities because she's a fitness guru and she commented that it's really good! She mentioned that from her calves to her thighs, she can feel that her muscles are moving and she's actually burning her unwanted fats. It's a similar experience to a real-life trekking. 

Even Blackbird Cafe Head Chef, Ken, decided to try on the uTrek! Heads up and kudos to him! 

I think that uTrek is a good equipment for most of the elderly who are experiencing back pains and stiffness. Furthermore, keeping on track and getting fitter improves on your health and what I experienced with uTrek, it helps me to enhance my calves and let me understand the experience of trekking.  I can feel the aches and burns and it's really effective. 

OSIM uTrek is available in stores right now and it's for pre-order only. Comes with a 1-year warranty and it's only going for $598.00!!

For more information, head down to their website at www.osim.com

Chinese New Year is coming, so why not take the opportunity to get toned and lean so that you can boast about your new toned and lean figure? (Trust me they'll be jealous)

Hurry and get yours now before it's out of stock. 
Look forward to my next post! 

Photo credits to OSIM Singapore.
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