Find true heaven at Feet Haven

Don't you guys feel tired after repeating the same thing over and over again? 
Sleep > Wake up early > Eat > Work > Eat > Home > Sleep
It's a life cycle but it's a repetition.  In Singapore, you need to be street smart and have a lot of experience in order to survive. People tend to be stress, tired, impulsive, arrogant and moody because of the our environment. 


Relaxation is something that all humans need. 
Photo caption: I'm just drinking my tea, after my massage.

Yes, relaxation can be any form. Like massage.

It can be massages like feet and body. The moment when you need it, you want it.

Located at #01-01, 136 East Coast Road and Serangoon Gardens, 4A Maju Avenue
Feet Haven Reflexology is a boutique Foot Reflex spa offering foot reflexology and body massages to its customers. The premier foot reflexology spa located at 136 East Coast Road( 5 minutes walk from 112 Katong) has received interest and support from residents staying in Joo Chiat, Marine Parade and Katong.

It looks like a piece of heaven.

I get the korean feeling whenever I see this mini signboard. Nice design, I approve! *thumbsup*

 Why Feet Haven?

爽 - Shiok! Awesome!

The Atmosphere
For me, the atmosphere give a sense of warm and hipster feeling. Perhaps it’s the props and furniture with the polaroids up against the wall, or is it the absurd presence of all the christmas lights loosely dangling on the mini christmas tree?

I love how they decorate the christmas tree with ornaments and the big ribbon! 

Full of polaroids, definitely a place to capture memories and happy customers! 

Friendly customer service
The masseurs are really experienced and they are pretty friendly. While I was enjoying my feet massage, I can really feel the effort that they put into it. They won't miss out any single spot of your feet and make sure you scream and shout, let it all out! Experience and with skills, the masseur will ask you if it's okay for you or you can sound out if you're experiencing any pain.  ( THE MASSEURS'S ARMS STRONGER THAN ME.)

I was experiencing body aches and didn't really sleep well every single night but after the massage, I felt so much better and I can really sleep well without popping my sleeping pills.  

Combinations and Promotion Deals

45 Minutes Foot & 15 Minutes Shoulder at $42
60 Minutes Foot & 15 Minutes Shoulder at $52 
30 Minutes Foot & 30 Minutes Shoulder at $52
60 Minutes Foot & 30 Minutes Shoulder at $62

Get social with them and enjoy 5% discount!

Facebook: Feet Haven
Twitter: @feethavensg
Instagram: @feethaven
Remeber to check in on Foursquare and hashtag @FeetHaven on Instagram!

To find out more about their deals or prices, head down to their outlet or visit their website at Feet Haven
Do follow them on twitter and instagram and like their facebook page too!

Feet Haven East Coast (Katong Branch)

136 East Coast Road

#01-01 Singapore 428821 

( opposite Bee Cheng Hiang and Glory Catering; Along same stretch of shophouses as Brotzeil Restaurant)

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12pm to 10.00pm
Friday to Saturday: 12pm to 11.00pm

Open on ALL public holidays except Chinese New Year.

Call them at +65 6344 7311 or +65 96566947 to make an appointment or give them your feedback.

Feet Haven Serangoon Gardens
4A Maju Ave, S556682 
( Above Cedele and opposite MyVillage Shopping Centre) Parking: Maju Ave or My Village Shopping Centre. 
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12pm to 10.00pm;
Friday to Saturday: 12pm to 11.00pm

Open on ALL public holidays except Chinese New Year.
Call them at +65 6344 7311 or +65 96566947 to make an appointment or give them your feedback.

 Thank you Feet Haven for having us once again! Well then, look forward to my next post! 

Thank you T for coming with me after a long and tiring day. 

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