Canon F1.8 50mm II Review

Well hey readers! It's been awhile since I blogged! I've been so busy with my schedule and since I'm free after a harsh week, I shall do a review about Canon F1.8 50mm II camera lens! 

So recently, I bought the F1.8 50mm II lens because I heard that it gives a bokeh effect. 

So what's a bokeh effect actually? It uses simple symmetric Gaussian optics with six elements in five groups, in a well-proven formula which is known to offer excellent correction of aberrations which means it actually blurred out the background and just focus on the object that you want to take. 

 Here's the specification that I grab it from

BUT, there're advantages and disadvantages to it so please think twice. ( actually you don't have to LOL )

Advantages: 1) Cheap and useful.

                    2) Lightweight and easy to carry.
                    3) Your picture will look scenic and beautiful.
                    4) Autofocus mode really helps. 

Disadvantages: 1) You've to stand quite far away if you really want a beautiful shot. :( 

                        2) It doesn't look durable because it's plastic
                        3) Sometimes it'll just focus on other things and it's really hard....
                        4) No zoom in or zoom out features (that'll be the best)

So yeah, I took this baby out for a picnic so here's the picture. It's really really nice. Even i myself couldn't believe that the picture look really good.

I'm sleepy x.x

Milo lets kiss! *^*

What're you looking at?

So much feel here so this is the best picture ever! 


Milo looks photogenic here. Oh well. :p

So did you see the Gaussian effect? It's really nice you know. You can take pictures of places like Gardens By The Bay, Adventure Cove or even Sentosa. Or you can take picture of your friends or family or someone who's photogenic. I didn't really try taking pictures of food with the lens but I'll just give it a shot. 

Wait for me, FOOD I'M COMING!!!!!!!!!

I bought my lens for like $130++ at Courts. So if you want your photos to have that Gaussian effect with six elements, why not just invest on it? I mean, it's like the cheapest lens you could ever find. The reason why I bought the lens it's because I really love photography. It gives me the soothing effect whenever I capture a nice and fanciful picture. 

Well, I shall end it here. More post are coming up real soon, so see you guys! 

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