30/7/2014 - Campaign Affair

Do you love taking pictures of yourself, food, outfit of the day, your boyfriend/girlfriend? Fret not! CAMPAIGN is a website that allows you to upload your necessary pictures and there are different types of campaigns such as #OOTDCampaign, #CeleberateSwensens, #OnlySingapore and many more...

Attractive prizes to be won if your pictures are stunning and it's presentable.

There are 8 ways to submit your entries.

Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk, Email, upload via www.campaign.com, facebook messenger and Blackberry.

So T invited me to the Campaign Affair because I'm the "plus one". HAHAHA, we were so called the "early bird" and we didn't know what to do at first. So one of the staff approached us, her name was Feline. She brought us around for a mini office tour and she decided to let us sit in the small meeting room. We were served red wine and Kueh Lapis and it was so delicious. Imagine, a small dessert and a glass of wine to go with. HOW SHIOK! :p 

Simply the best tarts ever. 

Short presentation



I don't really know what is this called, but it's so filling!!!!

Why am i holding the ring.... 

Setting up..

A farewell photo with Feline!

So what're you waiting for? Head up to their website and the link below now! :)

Thank you campaign for having us!!!!
And lastly, thankyou girlfieeeeeee for bringing me here! *^*

Photo credits to Campaign Facebook Page

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