A short review of Sunsilk Hairmask

Hello guys, how's your day?

Alright today I'll be focusing on this sunsilk hairmask that I've bought yesterday. 


Well, this product is really not bad. It's like you apply it on your hair, but please don't touch your scalp. And then, just leave it there for exactly 3 minutes. 

This hair mask gives a smooth texture to my red dry and damaged hair. I love the smell though. 

When I buy something, the most important think I will take note of, is the smell. (Sounds kinda weird)

So yeah, I went to Tampines Mall Watson, and this was the last tub! I bought this precious hair mask at $7.65( SO CHEAP CAN!)

So yeah, but before I even apply this hair mask on my hair, I went to research about it. 

Well, I'll be doing all kinds of review, fashion, food and recommendation. So please, stay tuned! :) 

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